Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, August 18, 2014

Where the hell did summer go? - Week 172 - Aug 11-18

You know who else hates Steve?  Bryan Fucking Adams!  That's who.

Beginning or the end of the Robo-calls scandal?  Michael Sona is guilty.  But the judge notes that he probably wasn't the only person involved.

So we've barely managed to cut, hack and scrape our way to a theoretical "balanced budget" via fancy footwork and elimination of anything that doesn't serve the oil patch.  Time to cut taxes!

Toronto Police teamed up with the CBSA and did some "safety spot checks".  Amazingly, they discovered a number of illegal immigrants at the same time.  Nothing sketchy about that.

Did I post this last week?  Canada doesn't want to let injured Gaza children in to the country for treatment.  Well.  Canada probably does.  Steve doesn't.

CETA seeks to ban any "buy local" plans in public procurement.  All the way down to the municipal level.

Steve is trying to use our money to hire our doctors to tell us that we're not correct in wanting pot to be legalized.

Steve loses another court battle.  The ban on medical pot cookies is ruled unconstitutional.

Maybe this is why so many of Steve's laws are overturned?  Not enough lawyers or resources in the Justice Department.

The CBC breaks down Julian Fantino's bullshit with respect to Justin Trudeau's comments on pot legalization.

The chart down at the bottom is probably the most important.  Why do something if it's only Liberals and NDPers that support it?  Steve will never legalize pot while the cavemen that vote Conservative don't like it.

1 in 6 Canadian soldiers has mental health issues.  Post service.

Alberta hires a PR Firm to create Oil Sands class warfare in the US.

Also Alberta...the Alberta Federation of Labour figures Steve and his cronies knew all along what sort of mess they were creating for Canadians with the Temporary Foreign Workers program.

A first hand account from a girl whose family was renditioned from Hong Kong to Libya.  British and US Intelligence were both involved.

200 to 42,000 is a pretty big change.  How do we trust Stats Can?

Vote pandering anybody?  Steve promises to close the Canada/US price gap.  Somehow.

I really like this Beverly McLachlan.  She takes the high road in talking about our buddy Steve.

You're actually going to require a doctors note if you still want to get your mail delivered to your house.

More damning (no pun intended...honestly) information related to the Mount Polley spill and what the BC Government knew and didn't do.

I like farcical tales.  I think extreme examples help illustrate points.  And this is a good one.  Cop father illegitimate child.  Mother seeks incomes assistance.  Province demands name of father so they can deduct child support payments from her income assistance.  Cop tries to dupe paternity test and is caught.  Hilarity ensues.  But what good are any of these benefits?  We guarantee that people stay in a ridiculous level of poverty to be able to accept any form of assistance?  Need help but have a part time job?  Well we'll deduct that money then.  Need help but have a spouse that contributes a pittance?  Give it here.

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