Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fat - Week 161 - May 26-June 2

Canada.  Getting fatter.

The NDP points out that the new Privacy Watchdog is supposed to be protecting Canadians from the very laws that he created...which might be a bit of a conflict.

Fuck these guys.  "We have worker shortages because we don't pay very well and we treat people badly so we need to bring people in from outside of the country to flip burgers."  And we need a special meeting with the PM to talk about it.

A report suggests the obvious - with terrible data on jobs and employment, the Government has no idea whether or not there are labour shortages and Temporary Foreign Workers are required.  Also, bringing in people at minimum wage deflates wage growth.  Coincidentally, this article tracks the decline of StatsCan.

I agree that political parties should not be sending partisan mailouts using government resources.  But it seems like the Conservatives do this all the time.  Maybe what the NDP did is worse, and that's why they have to pay this back (maybe)?  But it seems like a bit of a double standard witch hunt.

Russia has a paid army of internet commenters, ensuring a pro-Putin comment isn't too far away in Western news articles about the Ukraine.

The US (finally) appears to be making some stabs at reducing this whole "Climate Change" thing we've been hearing about lately.  Canada, of course, isn't impressed.  And doesn't feel the need to do anything similar.

This seems too crazy to be true.  Former Liberal MP Sheila Copps found a Nato briefing binder in an airport lounge that was left behind by a Conservative MP.  And then she spilled all the gory details in her column for the Hill Times.  Of course, the Conservatives don't respond to the allegations...they question the messenger.

This is kind of interesting...but knowing a bit about procurement, a company can't just enter midstream and say "We can do this way cheaper" and expect the government to respond to this.  Did they put a bid in during the required time period?  If not, they need to just go away.

A Canadian Muslim group is suing the PM for libel.

A Tyee article on the impact of the Russia/China Natural Gas deal on BC's plans.  The short story: not good.  I'm sure Christy will figure out a way to make us "get to Yes!" though.  Notice how official pipeline dudes are saying the same phrase now?


  1. Dave, Orstralia calling here. Just wanted to give you the hands up that our recently elected PM is winging his way towards your bonza country on what can only be fact finding mission on the wonders of conservative government in Canada. Now Tony Abbott is the leader of the Liberal party of Australia but don't be confused because that's our version of the conservative party in Oz ( might be because we live in the opposite hemisphere).
    Unfortunately for Tonnes his recent budget hasn't gone down to well with the general public. Those lower class types are getting upperty about inequality between the rich and the other ninety percent of the population. Even the septic tanks south of your boarder have made fun of him : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3IaKVmkXuk
    Now if Mr Harper could just show him some of the nuances on how to rule within a conservative framework, just some pointers well....it would be much appreciated. Having said that he does have a handy guide put together by the Institute of public affairs of Australia, a prestigious group of Bankers, Miners, Captains of industry all thought to be under the guiding hand of our very own Rupert Murdoch.
    Even though Rupe has gone on to bigger and better things ( now an American citizen by crickey ) I like to think he still reminisces of his early days at the Adelaide Advertiser. Just wondering if your fair country is lucky enough to have any News corp publications or is it just us with wall to wall Murdoch media. Anyhow I better get out of your way now. Oh! If you do run into Tonnes he's the kind laconic bloke who will fell right at home with a cheeky greeting of ' Cheers big ears '.

    1. Come back! This is way more entertaining than anything I've ever written...

      I'll have to check out those links. I may give you some time in next weeks post.

    2. Sorry Dave not to get back sooner but I was a little embarrassed. Entertaining, moi? Actually I think Ozzies are generally entertaining and some say this is part of our European origins. While North America was settled by the English Puritans we scored the English convicts and it
      appears we got the better deal. Someone mentioned that Baptists don't have sex standing up for this may led to dancing. On our settlement we had an orgy.
      Getting back to our illustrious PM Tonnes, one of his first edicts was the reintroduction of the Queens honors. Coincidentally this weekend is the Queens birthday weekend so were all hanging out to see who gets a gong. I may be Sir TaxiLurker by Tuesday. I'd rather be Dame TaxiLurker because in the immortal lyrics of Rogers and Hammerstein...'there is nothing like a dame. Nothing in the world'. Sorry, but I do live in the
      South Pacific.
      Any who, if Mr. Harper could point Tonnes in a bit of media management perhaps the unwashed among us wouldn't get quite as upset about this:
      I think he was just showing a certain sense of austerity by combining two videos into one. At least the veterans will know that Australia is open for business. Why do I imagine a little brass bell tinkling when people arrive and go through our customs door?
      Well I better get out of your way. Oh, if Tonnes sees you first and says 'Cheers big ears' a reply of 'Up your bum, chum' will bring an upward curl to his wafer thin lips. And people say he's a homophobic mysonginst, ha!