Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, May 26, 2014

Regicide - Week 160 - May 19-26

Huh.  Regicide obviously wasn't the term I was looking for...we'll leave it though.  Make you think it's some sort of cryptic commentary on something.  I was certain Regicide was correct...

It seems like the Conservatives can't even play by the rules with their own elections.  The Eve Adams nomination battle gets nastier, and the nomination election is called off.  It's okay though.  Demetri Soudas did it all for love, so it's fine.

We often play second fiddle to the US military, but we've now proven we can be contenders with the best of them...Sexual assault within the Canadian military is out of control, just like in the US.

Some current Conservative MP's have been busy developing an app for the next election.  To help the Conservatives get re-elected.  Not helping society or anything.

With world leaders like this, I think everything is going to turn out great...The US House Science Committee has banned the US Military from studying climate change.

The Harper Government has definitively proven through a self funded study that the Canada/Columbia free trade deal has had no negative impacts on human rights abuses.

The Straight explains why the Conservatives new citizenship rules might not be all that great.  Beware dual citizens who commit crimes.  Or are accused of committing crimes by shady people.

Lots of Canadians have just given up on looking for work.  Which is odd as the number of Temporary Foreign Workers has tripled in certain areas.  These people need to run as Conservative candidates or something...This former (failed) candidate received several government contracts, both before and after she ran.

I feel like I'm missing something here.  The wife of the soldier that Omar Khadr killed is suing him for $50 Million.  I mean...say what you will about the craziness of soldiers families suing people over deaths and what that might mean for society.  But do Guantanamo inmates make a lot more money than I think they do?

To expand on last weeks link about oil spill clean-up costs...A 1 Billion limit to liability...an expected 10 Billion cost for clean-up.  Insane.  Also sited in this story, recent trade deals promised the EU and India that they could import as many temporary foreign workers as they wanted if they establish business in Canada.  This is a problem.  With that, we have an interesting behind-the-scenes on a farce of an Oil Sands Spill clean-up project.

Garth shows a diagram from the Georgia Straight that shows non-resident ownership in Vancouver is quite low.  But doesn't link to the article.  Which is pretty lame.

Interesting research on global morality...things such as drinking, premarital sex, contraceptive use and abortion.  Diving in to abortion...only 26% of Canadians think abortion is immoral (and is roughly the same amount of people that think gambling is immoral).  And I'm betting the Venn diagram of Conservative Voters/Immoral Abortion Judgers is two nearly concentric circles.  So maybe Trudeau will be alright?  Because the Catholics hate him.

This is a bit rich.  Maxime Bernier speculates that the Liberals coming to power could cause Quebec to separate.  Because the Conservatives have done so much to make Quebec feel welcome.

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