Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, June 23, 2014

Nice Shirt - Week 164 - June 16-23

I'm not even going to talk about the elephant in the room.

This picture is fabulous!  From here.
Let's start with a boatload of Cons who like to just make shit up.

The Conservatives seem to attract the sickest of weirdos to run in the Vancouver suburbs.  This isn't the first time Wai Young has made shit up about another candidate.  Her anti-marijuana attacks on Justin Trudeau are seriously over the top.  And done via taxpayer funded mailouts to all her constituents.

Julian Fantino claims injured veterans receive $10,000 per month.  Which is true...for four injured veterans.  The rest receive far, far less.

Chris Alexander continues to come up with creative ways to not answer questions.  Turns out he has a reason to hope nobody finds out how many government sponsored Syrian refugees have made it into Canada.

Mark Adler decided to invite several lobbyists to his fundraising dinner.  Nothing wrong with that.  Oh, sorry...Conservative MP Mark Adler.

The Conservatives have created a doozy of attack ads, and it seems to suggest that it came from a former Liberal MP.

The Conservatives have finally done something about temporary foreign workers.  It's taken a few years, but it's something.

Who knew that government cuts could have repercussions?  DFO cuts mean that it's really, really easy to poach fish in BC.  And I'm not talking about slowly cooking them in liquid.

Why is our government so terrible at military procurement?  There's a Sea King replacement contract, finally.  But the winning bid doesn't meet a key safety requirement.  Speaking of bad decisions...This guy was involved in the design of the f-16. He rips the f-35 a new one. Too many things for too many people. Good at nothing. Fifth generation is a scam. Stealth doesn't really work.

It has cost Canada $4.5 Million dollars to return to the old style of ranks and insignia.  Which isn't a whole lot of money in the grand scheme of things, I will admit.  But seeing as there's no plausible benefit to this change, it's a bit of a waste, and a nice reminder that even the smallest of decisions cost a lot of money.

The CBC figures the Cons are trying to get the drop on the other parties for an early election call.

A study suggests that the more you pay your CEO, the worse he will probably do.

Another oil comparison to Norway.  Norway built pipelines in order to haul their offshore crude onshore, to be refined in Norway.  Not the opposite.

A look at Enbridge's donations to BC political parties.

I thought that major music labels were dieing?  But no.  They're getting propped up by Google, of all things.  Youtube is promising to cut off independent label music videos from Youtube if they don't pay for a licensing agreement with Youtubes new service.  I sense a business opportunity for somebody.

I think that this story perfectly shows how Steve goes about his business.  Quietly make shit difficult for people until they reach a point where they can't compete/complete and laugh as an enemy is quietly defeated.  It's no secret that Conservatives hate the CBC.  And you can spend a lot of time talking about privatizing the whole thing.  Or you can just slowly turn back their funding, until they can't compete for important show contracts and just slowly disappear.  Maybe the end of Hockey Night in Canada isn't a big deal?  Maybe Don Cherry will finally just disappear into a basement to yell at his TV?  But I think this is a turning point.  And a montage.  I feel Steve must be at lest the tiniest bit torn about this one.

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