Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, May 5, 2014

Supremely Odd - Week 157 - April 28-May 5

My favourite headline of the week: Arrested woman throws poop at officers

Steve-O is starting to play dirty with the Supreme Court.  Out of nowhere, he brings up an "inappropriate phone call" from the Chief Justice.  Never mind that a distinguished law professor has pointed out that there wouldn't be a problem with this callNever mind that the Chief Justice denies that this ever happened.  The base is happy that they have an explanation now.

The RCMP is indicated that there may be as many as 1,000 murdered aboriginal women across the country?  The Conservatives refuse a public inquiry.  Not only that, they scrubbed the recommendations for a public inquiry from a Parliament report.

Government consultation has suggested that Canadians want the Economic Action Plan Ads to stop.

Stephen Harper blames those rascally voters.  Some of them have no intention of producing ID at the polls.  I guess if you're an untrustworthy bastard, you assume everybody else is too.

Data leaks by telcos to government agencies reach insane levelsMillions of (mostly warrantless) requests for data each year.  Take note...government spying in the US just resulted in Brazil taking their fighter plane money elsewhere.

 The RCMP didn't even bother to consult with a public prosecutor over the Nigel Wright case.  They did talk to provincial prosecutors.

The Conservatives have set it up so that corporate sponsors are paying for part of the upcoming "Day of Honour" for soldiers?

A nice rundown of bureaucrats that have spoken out against the Harper Government.  Summary: It seldom ends well for their life as a government employee.

It's a story that Elections Canada had to pay a former judge to review their investigation into the robocalls scandal?  Somebody should have done it for free?

What the fuck?  The feds announce that job ready immigrants will be given preference.  Now BC is re-tooling it's school system to create worker drones for the upcoming job shortage revolution?  On the surface, yes, it makes sense to prepare kids for the future, and the future usually requires working for the man in some way, shape or form.  But this borders on insane.  This borders on the government being nothing more than the enabler for companies to make huge amounts of money.  But we have to have workers to execute the fracking plan that Environment Canada warns is moving way, way too fast, right?

The CBC lays out the history and issues of the Temporary Foreign Worker program.  And Jason Kenney explodes on twitter after Bob Rae insults him.  He also thinks that the Liberals or NDP can't criticize the program because they've helped some of their constituents use the program (we've heard this before).  All of a sudden, Stephen Harper is a champion for the Canadian worker, warning employers abusing the Temporary Foreign Worker program that he won't stand for the abuse that he allowed any longer.

There's a really weird story here:  A Polish newspaper donated a free ad to Eve Adams and suggested she is already the MP for the riding she is contesting.  Of course, it's not her fault.

Shawn Atleo resigns.  I have not idea what this means.

50 troops off to fight the Russians.  6 airplanes (that may not be armed).  1 boat.  50 troops.

Embarrass the RCMP, face charges for assaulting an RCMP officer.

A Canadian aid group has been branded a terrorist organization and had it's offices raided over support for Hamas.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Hamas now a part of the legitimate government in Palestine?  So couldn't any organization working in Palestine be levelled with similar charges?  Regardless, the group denies any support of Hamas.

The government doesn't seem to be taking the job of filling vacant scientists positions seriously.  Why bother hiring good scientists if you're only going to muzzle them, I guess.

The NHL has a noticeable impact on the overall Canadian economy.

This is beyond awesome.  A group of Satanists have commissioned a statue for the front of the Oklahoma Statehouse.  Their response to threats against the monument?  Their insurance may allow them to build two if this one is damaged.  It's like a video game villain or something.  Kill one, two come back in its place.

Let's end on a depressing note.  The Cons seemed to be bouncing back in the polls.

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