Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, April 7, 2014

Sandbaggin' - Week 153 - Mar 31-April 7

Leona Aglukkaq points out that the Conservatives are doing really well with cutting CO2 when you compare the real world numbers to imaginary ones that they made up.

Beautiful.  I love this article.  Why would we sell our oil resources so cheaply?  Other countries have proven that oil companies will pay to get at this non renewable resource.

Don't you love it when bad things happen to bad people?  I had no idea that Dimitri Soudas' fiance was Eve Adams.  They seem like the kind of couple that brings out the worst in each other through reinforcement of shared bad qualities.  This article reminded me that this definitely isn't the first weird Conservative relationship fiasco.  Eve Adams seems like a bad person.  So does Dimitri.

Sheila Fraser comes out against the "Fair Elections" Act.  Calls it...well...calls it lots of bad things.  Conservatives are up in arms because She has taken $2500 in payment from Elections Canada.  So of course she is biased in wanting them to continue as an organization.  Of how about this..."Of course we can't trust her...another arm of government gave her some money!"

I remember reading somewhere about...I think it was Team America...where they added a few scenes that were just so over the top so they could focus the censors on a couple of things that they were willing to cut and just slide through the rest of the things they wanted.  I feel like vouching is just that for the Conservatives.  "Let's add some really stupid ideas, fight hard for them for a month or so, then cave in on one of them so we can force the rest of our stupid ideas through."

Some more Michael Sona/Robocalls info is coming out.  Seems like it most likely wasn't just Michael Sona.

I was a toddler when the USSR got its ass handed to it by Afghanistan.  How many thousands of movies have been made about not fucking with Afghanistan?  Yet Peter MacKay says things like "I don't think the ferocity of the mission perhaps dawned on even military leaders, let alone political leaders of two different governments,"  What an idiot.  Delusional idiot.

The fake Rob Ford election signs have inspired me.  Come the next election, I'd like to create some election signs for Pre-PM Stephen Harper running against current Stephen Harper.  These comments about election reform are perfect.

Justin Trudeau swore at a boxing match.

The Conservatives are freaking out about some things Justin Trudeau said about Israel and Iran.  Unfortunately, he didn't say them.

This guy thinks that Stephen Harper is trying to criminalize criticism of Israel.

A nice little summary piece of how terrible Stephen Harper is.

Nobody seems to be able to make sense of Poor Irwin Cotler getting poisoned in Russia.

No surprise.  Canada's richest now have a lot more money.

A pretty great comment on GM recalls and how this calls bullshit on the need for high paid CEO's.  When the CEO of GM has no idea what is going on and shirks all responsibility, why do we pay her millions?

This article, sort of, lays out how Private Equity works and why it is bad.  Simple, yet difficult to follow.

An article pointing out the science deniers on the US House Science Committee.  Yikes.

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