Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, March 31, 2014

If the Conservatives love mailing things so much, why the hate for Canada Post? - Week 152 - Mar 24-31

We'll start with a joke.  What is a Conservative?  Somebody that cares a lot about taxpayers money until they get elected.  Eve Adams uses taxpayer funded mailouts to ease her transition into a new riding.

Oh my goodness.  "Sleepy Time" Rod Anders...If he's not making misleading phone calls, he's banking on a non-endorsement from the PM and threatening to sue his opponent.  And seems to be unaware that more than one person can have the same nameHis own party has told him to cut it out.

Of course we have Russia.  Now that Russia has responded with travel bans for our politicians, it's all a giant joke.  So let me ask this question: If we think Russia's travel bans are a joke, than why do we expect people to take ours seriously?  That, and Irwin Cotler claims Russia poisoned him.

10,853 of 10,855 scientific papers published last year (that dealt with global warming type topics) concluded that global warming is very real.  So...it sounds like science has made up its mind, no?  Or are they just making things up to get at those fat stacks of research grants worth thousands?

Somebody else isn't buying into the governments labour shortage argument.  The Parliamentary Budget Officer calls bunk.  Which leads to my favourite headline of the week.  "Tories defend use of Kijiji data in face of opposition ridicule".  Because of course they cherrypick data to suit their policies.

There's a plebiscite in Kitimat on the Northern Gateway Pipeline?  How is that not bigger news?  Enbridge certainly thinks this is big news.  They've sent all kinds of people in to make sure the vote goes their way.  Gizmodo reminds us how terrible oil spills are and how we're not really ready for the next one.

The Conservatives are once again moving to cut off debate on a piece of legislation.  This one contains elements of added Internet surveillance.

Joe Oliver is promising "tax relief".  Great.  Took us years to get back to a "balanced budget", better start cuttin'.  I wonder when his "You're either for these tax cuts or you're a radical tax terrorist" speech is scheduled?

Stephen Harper has a crew of roughly 4 employees working on 24-7 videos highlighting his amazing accomplishments.  For the Jan 23-39 episode, 100 people watched it in English and 19 watched it in French.  Man...I don't feel so badly about nobody reading this blog.

We have a second MP who all of a sudden realized that there was all kinds of election fraud going on a few years ago.  Elections Canada doesn't think much of Laurie Hawn's voter registration fraud story.

Another Conservative spending scandal.  How thick do you have to be to break spending rules the way things are going right now?  Don Meredith expensed a trip to Washington for some kind of prayer meeting.  After it was specifically not approved.  Business Class.  With his wife.  Yeezus H. Chris.  Three MP's went along as well.  Elizabeth May did the whole trip for $980 though...less than what Don Meredith claimed for hotel and food.

The F-35 is delayed again.  This time due to software.  I'd imagine this means costs will go up as well.  Time to jump aboard the gravy train!

It's odd how far out of their way the Conservatives go to block harm reduction strategies, scientific drug use, etc.  Not only here, but on the world stage.  They can't stop harm reduction here, so why not stop it elsewhere?  Insane.

The modus operandi of the Conservatives seems to be push as hard as you can until people freak out enough.  I guess the freak out was enough...they've backed away from their gag order requirements for House of Commons staff.

Seems to be some appetite for a crackdown on temporary foreign worker abuse, in the way of fines.  How did this take so long?

Peter McKay seems to be ready to double down on stupidity, defending the Marc Nadon appointment and thinking about trying it again.

Be interesting to see what happens with the Conservative private members bill on assisted suicide.

This New Yorker/Malcolm Gladwell essay will change the way you think of the FBI and the Branch Davidians.  Crazy, sad stuff.

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