Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, April 14, 2014

Jim - Week 154 - April 7-14

Man.  What a depressing end.  Serve as Finance Minister to an asshole, retire and then die a few weeks later.  Poor Jim Flaherty.  Garth nicely sums up the good and bad of Jim Flaherty.

Pierre Poilievre is doubling down on awful.  He's accusing Marc Mayrand of a power grab in his opposition of the "Fair Elections" Act.  Is it really a power grab if you want to keep doing the job that you are paid to do?  Can you believe these Conservative jagoffs have decided that the talking point needs to be that Elections Canada shouldn't be in the voter turnout game?  As well, looks like the guy who is supposed to take over investigations from Elections Canada wasn't consulted either.

These people are children.  One Conservative minister makes a "shooting a gun" gesture at an NDP MP, and then another runs over and trots out the beautiful "Say it outside of Commons!" refrain.  These people are idiots.

This is awesome.  "Sleepy Time" Rob Anders lost his nomination battle.

It's remarkable the job Stephen Harper has done of shirking any responsibility for Patrick Brazeau.  Not to kick a man when he's down, but it seems like it's all really unravelling.

Another tough on crime bill doesn't survive scrutiny by the courts.

In Australia, government employees aren't allowed to criticize the government online.  "Shit, what a great idea!" somebody in Ottawa just said.

More companies taking advantage of the temporary foreign workers program.

Why are MP's allowed to accept paid travel from companies/organizations/countries?  If it is important enough to go, Canada should pick up the tab.

Trudeau took shit for not letting his bullying candidates run for nomination.  Steve has no problems with his bullies...shit...it might be a prerequisite.  Eve Adams is allowed to continue.

Greenpeace is asking for an investigation into the ties between the Conservatives and "Ethical Oil" from an election finance perspective.  Interesting response from the "grassroots" Ethical Oil.

An interesting idea.  CBC asked people to tweet their stories about vouching/getting vouched for.  Of course Conservative commenters point out that these people are all probably lying about it.

Kitimat decided that it doesn't want a pipeline.

More bad news for Attawapiskat.  And Theresa Spence.  Her partner/the co-manager of the first nation, has been charged with fraud.

There's some fallout from decreasing subsidies and no more Hockey Night in Canada.  600+ at CBC are out of work.

Huh.  This guy talks a bit about the potential speed restrictions coming to the de-restricted sections of the Autobahn.  He equates it to the gun control argument in the US.

A bunch of yahoos that work for the Minister of Public Works have been accused of interfering with access to information.

More Quebec corruption with ties to Stephen Harper appointees...or attempted appointments...or something.

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