Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, June 10, 2013

Things fall apart - Week 110 - June 3-10

 So.  How does one refuse to give a breathalyzer sample, and then get found not guilty of refusing to give a breathalyzer sample?  Peter Goldring must have had some good lawyers.  Stephen Harper is "happy to welcome him back."

A Conservative backbencher has quit the caucus and will sit as an independent.  Why?  Well, they gutted his civil servant salary transparency bill.  I love that his idea of an "open and transparent" government rests on knowing salaries of senior civil servants.  His team didn't follow with him.

Two other Conservative MP's are in trouble for improperly filing their election expenses.  Elections Canada says they over spent (Obviously, they think it's Elections Canada's fault).  And the speaker seems to be making it up as he goes along.

There is something delightfully odd about Conservatives picketing a Justin Trudeau announcement on Parliamentary expenses.  Anyhow...Justin Trudeau promises that Liberal Parliamentarians will post their expenses online for everybody to see.  And the "Young" Conservatives picketed the announcement and suggested he "loves the status quo".

This is what happens when you draw attention to yourself.  Not only was Mike Duffy stealing taxpayer money...he was doing a terrible job at the same time.  Missing half of his Senate Committee meetings.

The Conservatives insist that the Mike Duffy payment didn't come from a Nigel Wright controlled slush fund.  Here's my wild-ass guess - Nigel Wright paid Mike Duffy with his own money...and then the slush fund paid him back.  In fact, they are claiming that there is no secret account to pay for expenses.  Well...there is an account...it's just not secret.

What the fuck?  Pamela Wallin continues to pull fat bank while sitting on the Board of Directors for many, many companies?  Oh well.  Her corporate filings reveal that she is not a resident of Saskatchewan and   shouldn't be a Senator.  And she resigned from one of her Board of Directors gigs.

A Liberal MP is pushing a bill that would mandate party leaders endorse attack ads that they create.  I think this is a tremendous idea.

Psh.  Real Estate is fine.  Buy, buy, buy.  Don't listen to the OECD when they say Real Estate in Canada is over-valued by 30-60% based on income and rents.  Those guys are biased!  Unlike our banks and real estate boards.  And Federal Government.

The Conservatives are going to make it more difficult to open up safe injection sites.  Seeing as it's been near impossible to open one up in the last few years, I wouldn't expect a rush on getting these opened in the next few years.  Hey!  Shut up, hippie!  Government regulation is only bad when it does things I don't like.

65+ countries signed a UN treaty in an attempt to limit the flow of cross-border arms sales.  Canada did not.

Once again, the Conservatives are not cooperating with the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

Thank-you Quebec Soccer Federation for making Canada seem like a bunch of bigoted imbeciles.  Oh, turbans and other headgear are not allowed due to "safety"?  Yes, fabric on heads has been known to cause serious injury.  This is not going to help people like you, Quebec.  Special rules for you, no consideration for the needs of others.

This Tyee article comes to a similar conclusion to the one I made a few weeks ago: Alberta doesn't charge much money in tax on Oil Sands producers.

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