Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vacation Time - Week 67 - July 6-13

Sorry.  I've been on vacation this week, so things are a bit light.  No photo either.  Let's keep the poll data theme going.

You know you're in trouble when Danny Williams is the only person on your side.  Danny Williams decides that Christy Clark is correct when it comes to pipelines.

The NDP has accused the Conservatives of impropriety with the approval of a new ethanol plant on port lands.  What?  Ports aren't meant to hold ethanol plants?  Are you a communist?  And how dare you point out that the Port Authority that approved this and the company that are building this are stacked with Conservative insiders (former riding association executives, etc.)?

You have to love the Internet.  First, a police officer from Michigan visits Calgary and tells this frightening tale of a couple of guys asking him if he and his wife has been to the Stampede.  His conclusion "I wish I'd had my gun".  To the Internets!  A boingboing poster discovers that he also wrote in to another newspaper and complained that Obama had invited Common (the rapper) to the White House.  Awesome.

Real Estate difficulties?  Wha?  Oh.  Wait.  Ya, that might happen.  But don't worry, they're just going to stay the same until all the rest of those crazy numbers catch up to these ridiculous prices.

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