Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, May 28, 2012

Trolling the Comment Pages #1 - Bixi Montreal

I wrote last week about the lunacy of the comment boards on the National Post.  In response, I'm going to start running a new feature.  It's going to be called "Trolling the Comment Pages".  In these very first installation, we're taking on this National Post story about the Bixi bicycle system in Montreal.  Enjoy my comment and we'll see where this takes us.

These left wing lunatics!  How dare they try to provide a service to the public whereby people can cheaply and easily get around the City while getting in shape and not causing pollution.  It didn't show an immediate profit?  Outrageous.

Hey fellow right wing National Post reading zealots.  I have a new bandwagon to jump on board.  Do you know that there are public money pits right across the country that swallow up billions and billions of our hard-earned tax dollars and have never shown a profit?  Not even once.  They're called roads.  And highways.  We need to get rid of this left-wing communist abomination RIGHT NOW!

I also heard rumblings of an entire organization that keeps hundreds of barely employed vagabonds on standby and HAS NEVER, EVER SHOWN A PROFIT!  It's called the Fire Department.

And have you heard about these things called libraries?  They give out books.  For free!  Where's the profit in that?

Don't even get me started on the Post Office, Hospitals and Police Departments.  No good parasites.  Where's their business model?  I think we can blame all that on the French Canadians as well.

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