Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Midweek Shenanigans

I have a special, mid-week edition of the 24 Percent Majority.  As a result of the threatened Globe and Mail paywall, I’ve been exploring the National Post a bit.  I’ve actually been fairly surprised by the relative neutrality of their news coverage.  But their editorials and comments…oh boy.

This editorial (floating around as a newsstory) on Thomas Mulcair really got to me.  Now, I’m not saying that I agree 100% with Mulcair’s tactics, but I think he’s raising some good points.  In a bad way.  If I had to summarize:

I think what he is saying is that the “success” of the West is coming at the expense of the rest of Canada.  A small percentage of people and companies are profiting on Natural Resources.  And this is causing problems:

1)     The High Dollar that this causes prevents the manufacturing sector from thriving.
2)     We’re taking short term profits at the expense of a long-term strategy.
3)     The majority of these profits are being realized by International corporations with no real interest in Canada.

And I think there are some very valid points here.

Now we get in to the article, which really just picks on semantics and throws a couple of statistics in to play.  There is no real substance.

But what really starts to get to me is in the comments.  There are all sorts of comments along the lines of “He just can’t deal with the success of the West.”  And that really bothers me.

I will admit that I get riled up to unreasonable levels when “the West” starts talking about their “success” and laying claim to all of the benefits of resources.  Really?  Success is defined as being amazingly lucky that you happened to build your houses on top of a large field of oil?  And your Provincial rights trump those of the rest of Canada?  And anybody that feels we should manage these resources more smartly, extract them in a somewhat sustainable fashion and funnel the profits back in to Canada is a Communist?  And they’re “your” resources but nobody has a right to question burying pipelines through every other Province?  It’s crazy.

My experiment with reading the National Post has left me scared and a little bit angry.

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