Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, May 21, 2012

Losing Interest - Week 55 - May 14-21

Leave it to a Canadian newspaper to not show a painted penis.

Please read this quote from John Baird.

"Why should taxpayers have to pay for more than 10 reports promoting a carbon tax, something that the people of Canada have repeatedly rejected? That is a message the Liberal Party just will not accept,” Mr. Baird said in response to a question by Liberal Leader Bob Rae during question period.  It should agree with Canadians. It should agree with the government. No discussion of a carbon tax that would kill and hurt Canadian families.”

We'll mention this for posterity.  Thomas Mulcair splits the country in half by pointing out that oil money isn't great for everybody.

The Auditor General comes out swinging, defending his report.

This war on bullying is getting crazy.  A Conservative MP, a man elected to our highest office by the fine people of Canada, has proposed a law that will outlaw the bullying of a Fetus.  It's good to jump on new trends, I guess.

Another Conservative MP is suggesting that people need to be willing to relocate if they are unemployed.  We're probably not too far away from mandatory re-locations.  And here is where that idea came from.  And here is another Conservative MP suggesting that any job is a good job.

And yet another Conservative MP has suggested that ripping a CD, a CD that you own, well, ripping that to your computer is the same as stealing a pair of shoes.

A Federal Judge has thrown out the election results in Toronto due to "irregularities".  And they've already started peppering residents with robo-calls.

This is more about the ridiculousness of the Toronto Police Department.  But remember all of those arrests at the G20?  Yes, this was has been exposed as a farce after many years of litigation.

I can predict the next department that will get de-funded by the Conservatives.  This report suggests that not adopting green standards is harming Canadian Competitiveness.

The Globe and Mail speculates that Vic Toews bill has died.

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