Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tough on Crime, Drugs and Fidel - Week 50 - April 9-16

You know who else isn't a fan of Stephen Harper?  Fidel Castro.  I feel pretty good about that.
And speaking of Fidel, well, he's not just good for crazy rantings about North American leaders.  No, he's also capable (still!) of inspiring insane reactions from said leaders.  Obama and Harper have decided that Cuba shouldn't be included in a summit between Western Hemisphere countries.  They've also decided that, never mind the thousands and thousands of people dieing in all of those "other" countries, Canada and the US know best and the War on Drugs needs to continue so that white kids won't smoke weed.  Even though we can admit that the current approach doesn't work.

That evil CBC, don't they know that they're ruining corporate business models?  A bunch of late-to-the-party companies have decided that the CBC shouldn't offer up music for free online (unlike on the radio)  Apparently "The only music that you can hear for free is when the birds sing" says the completely unbiased CEO of "Stingray" (whatever the hell that is).  And Stephen Harper thought the only reason to hate the CBC was because of a non right-wing bias.

Speaking of government cuts, the Conservatives have also announced cuts to prison inmate reform programs.  Apparently we've spent too much money throwing people in to prison, we don't have any left to help them get out.

I'm not saying that the recent Conservative complaints about non-Robo-calls is disingenuous.  It just feels a bit hard to believe that they're just coming to light.  Like they're jealous about not getting their own robo-calls.  Is it possible that these are just the Conservatives phoning themselves and they got a bit confused about their call logs?

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