Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, April 23, 2012

This Isn't Racist - Week 51 - April 16-23

Omar Khadr.  Good lord, can't we just bring this guy home?  Any time you go to prison looking like this:

And come out looking like this:

It feels like maybe something hasn't quite gone correctly.  This is a physical representation of prison actually turning somebody into a scary individual.  And is it just me, or do these artists renderings make him look a bit like Lebron James?

Hey.  Surprise, surprise.  The industries that are supposed to be governed by environmental regulations are happy that some of them are going away.  And, the coal industry managed to push back and get another set of regulations postponed.  Because keeping the coal industry happy sounds like something a forward thinking government should be concerned about.

Good news everybody.  The Wildrose Party in Alberta doesn't believe in "human created climate change".  That should help things out moving forward.

Hey!  Vic Toews!  Vic Toews tells us that everything is okay, we shouldn't be worried about prisons closing.  In Vic's own words “In fact, given that the influx of new prisoners originally predicted even by my own department is not materializing, I am announcing that our government will be closing two prisons.” You mean that legislation that passed a month ago?  Yes, that is surprising that populations haven't exploded since then.

The Conservatives decided that they're not interested in hearing from any Liberal or NDP selected witnesses in discussions about the Fighter Jet debacle.  Yes, we should quickly get right to the bottom of this by only hearing from who the Conservatives want us to hear from.

Stupid scientists at it again with their "data", "facts" and "informed decision making".  This time they want to hold off on fishing in the arctic until some more "studies" and "research" can be completed.  Crazy gang of idiots.

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