Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, April 9, 2012

Not Good with Numbers - Week 49 - April 2-9

Peter McKay gets the photo this week, for ratcheting up the stupidity level.  See a few posts below.

If there is one thing that we've learned in the last few years, it's that corporations know how to do things.  Nothing can be accomplished better than a group of office slaves working towards maximizing profits at the expense of everything else.  Why not give them the responsibility of determining who can and cannot enter the country?  I'm sure there's absolutely no chance that this could fail or be abused.

I initially missed the irony of this story.  But Vic Toews, the killer of privacy, is requesting that we respect his as he gets his carcass hauled off to the hospital.  And he's probably going to bring his bill back from the dead.

The Fighter Jets are becoming a bit of a shitstorm, as the Auditor General has formally pointed out that the whole process is "stupid and crazy".  Okay, perhaps that's not an actual quote.  More of a paraphrase.  Why does it take the auditor general to change their course of action after years and years of everybody telling them that this is wrong?  And according to Peter McKay, it's all just "accounting".  They knew that it would cost this much, they just chose not to tell us.  But it's all above board.  Just a 40% accounting interpretation.

Great.  There's more polar bears than people expected so obviously Global Warming is a farce and we shouldn't worry about it.

Perhaps I need to create a new label - Why Democracy Does Not Work.  I'm not sure who to blame for this, but apparently the NDP has decided to just talk for several days during budget discussions.  The Liberals are angry because they don't get to share the spotlight.  And the Conservatives are probably happy because they get to point out that the other parties look stupid.  This is an actual paragraph in the story.   

By his own estimation. Mr. Julian talked non-stop for the better part of 14 hours over the course of four days. His voice had started to wear thin and he was forced to drink repeated sips of water just to keep going.

Initially, I chalked this story up to the NDP being kind of stupid and wasting time.  But then I started thinking...what else are they supposed to do?  They have absolutely no other mechanism to make any sort of impact on this legislation, or on anything, really.  Which is kind of scary.

The Norther Gateway Pipeline Environmental Review process has started.  And the panel shut things down for a day because there were some children outside and they got scared.  And they're not going to move the schedule.  They're just going to ignore that period of time and pretend it never happened.  It got me thinking...who are the review board?  First, there's Ms. Sheila Leggett, who seems to be a professional energy review board member.  Then, Mr. Kenneth Batemen, who also seems to be a professional energy review board member as well as a lawyer for energy companies.  Then, Mr. Hans Matthews, a geologist and aboriginal rights type dude.  Okay...maybe this isn't actually a completely terrible group of people.

Remember a few years ago when the Conservatives sold off some of our really expensive diplomatic properties as they were deemed "lavish and extravegent"?  Well, now we're going to stick our diplomats way out in the suburbs as their rental places are costing too much

And speaking of cuts, goodbye CBC!  Who needs a non-corporate run source of news and entertainment anyhow?

This is a great headline for a story.  Misleading, but great.  Baird pulls plug on Rights and Democracy.  I finally understand why newspapers capitalize headlines the way that they do.

Justin Trudeau beat up some long-haired guy.

Fighter jets.  Becoming a problem.  Auditor general.  Rejigging.  Doesn't really say anything.

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