Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Taking the Lead on the Environment - Week 33 - Dec 12-19

China and India are suggesting that we're acting irresponsibly towards the environment by bailing on Kyoto.  I realize that there are many reasons to ignore anything that either country has to say about environmental stewardship...but...Wow.  Imagine if Herman Cain described your behaviour as "scandalous and inappropriate" or if Rupert Murdoch suggested you had "overstepped the boundaries of reasonable behaviour".  I think it would suggest that you are on the wrong path in life.  This Tyee story (and Salon)outlines some of the lobbying that has lead to decisions like this.

More on the Environment.  We'll have to dig back a ways here.  The Conservatives refused to bring any members of the opposition along to the UN Climate Summit (which, I'm assuming is generally custom).  And then, today, the Minister of Environment chided the NDP for not attending the UN Climate Summit.  It's amazing that the story is Justin Trudeau swearing.  If he hadn't, this wouldn't even be a story.  Nobody seems to have a problem with...is that even hypocrisy?  I don't know what to call it.

Oh my.  Gizmodo highlights why the F-35 program is a disaster that should be run away from.  Perhaps Peter McKay is excited about the hovering version and what that could mean for future fishing trips?

So, SOPA is kind of a big deal right now.  I think the Get Your Censor On take is my favourite.  I'd like to not worry about this, but, unfortunately, I know that once they ruin the US the Copyright Gestapo is going to come try and ruin Canada.  I think I may go throw a stick in a field as well.  These guys will never be happy.  These guys will stop at nothing to get whatever they want.  They will ruin the Internet and then they will ruin the Inter-Internet that springs up to replace it.

Irwin is pretty mad.  It seems the speaker agrees that the Conservatives are acting like jackasses ("reprehensible" even) but doesn't want to do anything about it.  At least he still has a job.  And finally, some tough talk on holding somebody accountable.  Of course, nobody in the Conservative government is responsible, but perhaps the polling firm that they hired will be?  And, officially, no problems here for the Conservatives.

The Globe is convinced that seat redistribution is going to ensure the next Conservative majority.  I think Ontario is tougher to predict than this story suggests.

 If we start focussing on how much per night our defense minister is spending on hotels we're missing the big picture.  I think it's reasonable that a high ranked Canadian official does not crash at the super 8 while hosting meetings at the local cafe.  I hope he's not responsible for booking his own rooms, as well.

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