Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, December 12, 2011

Lack of Recognition - Week 32 - Dec 5-12

I've been working on my year end "best of" list.  Reading through the past, this stupid blog has gotten out of hand.  What started out as 4-5 posts with a whole lot of snark has turned into an information dump.  Honestly, these jackasses are just overwhelming me with terrible deeds that need to be discussed.  I don't have the time to craft decent snark about any of them.  I don't really know what to do.

What the hell is wrong with these guys?  Now they want to replace Kyoto with some other form of binding climate treaty?  They're like the Brett Favre of climate treaties.  It's just a complete embarrassment and a disaster and I'm not buying real estate in Richmond any time soon.  They're actually bragging about avoiding the $14 Billion in penalty charges that we'd have to pay if we actually agreed to follow through on Kyoto.  I can see the next Conservative ad campaign - "We avoided hundreds of years in jail time by no longer recongnizing the Geneva Conventions."

I always love cheap political outrages.  Who wouldn't get angry about people "cheating the immigration system".  All 2,100 of them.  As well, the ass-hats announce that you can't wear any form of veil during the swearing in ceremony.  Because you "may not actually be reciting the oath" if you're wearing one.  Because it's like you're joining the Night's Watch and if you don't actually say the words, it never happens.  And this is a super important thing that Canada should be worrying about right now.  Not that it matters...as you're more likely to end up on a terrorist watch list than a Canadian citizen if you insist on wearing a burqa.

Steve-O seems to be about doing whatever he wants because he happened to mention it once on the campaign trail.  I think the Canada-US security perimeter is him moving up to just doing what he wants regardless of never mentioning it at all on the campaign trail and negotiating in secret.  There's not much substance to what they are saying, but I can't help but fear what this means.  I don't think that fast-tracking food shipments is the end goal of what they're trying to accomplish her.  Even the RCMP seems a little concerned.

I think the Conservatives have lost Quebec.  Perhaps they've learned that it doesn't matter.  But, the fact that they're being shut out of commeration for L'Ecole Polytechnique massacre doesn't sound very positive.  Any other rational person would probably feel some sort of shame.

The Irwin Cotler affair gets worse.  Irwin says the Conservatives are basically paying their defeated candidate, with taxpayer money, to work as a shadow Parliamentarian.  Poor Irwin.  This whole thing reminds me of car salesmen.  You know the technique.  Talk to the person like they've already bought the car and you're just going through the motions.

Tough on Crime passes, and still no real indication of the costs.  I'm just waiting for their justification to be "well, we don't know how much the fighter jets are going to cost either, and we're moving ahead with that."

The Conservatives dig up a story about Bob Rae flying on a helicopter in 1992 to try to bail Peter McKay out of the doghouse.  It's pretty funny, actually.  I can just see them sitting around their computer (Mac or PC?), high-fiving and yelling "gotcha".  And he continues to get piled on.  Apparently, he took a similar flight a year before to "familiarize himself with search and rescue operations".  Like...almost the exact same area.  And just like this Seinfeld episode, he's going to put a stop to things by threatening to sue.

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