Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, December 5, 2011

Liars - Week 31 - Nov 28 - Dec 5

This should be a bigger deal.  The Harper Government.  Steve-O says he never told anybody they had to use "The Harper Government" in official communication.  Well...actually...it sounds like he may have lied about that.  I just can't imagine that somebody in the PCO would have arbitrarily decided to move forward with something like this without approval from relatively high up.

Speaking of liars, Peter McKay!  Ya, a long planned operation to view search and rescue equipment in action?  Not so much.  A really expensive way to make his flight on time?  Yes.  Yes indeed.

Tough on Crime gets closer to completion and even some of the Conservatives seem to be rethinking portions of it.  As well, Statscan suggests that most Canadians aren't actually locking themselves in their homes through fear of crime.  93% of us feel safe from crime.  And, awesome quote located in this article - "We don't govern on the basis of statistics."  Or science.  Or public desires.  Or maybe even logic?

Guess who thinks torture is awesome?  CSIS!  Way to go, guys!

It doesn't sound like Canada is planning on becoming a world leader in environmental reform.  Indeed, "Kyoto is in the past".  And I agree that we need to get China involved, but we shouldn't use them as an excuse to not support anything.  But then... even China thinks we're making a hash of things.  And even China seems more willing to do something that we are.

Even though we elected a bunch of economic superstars (that's what they said, right?  That they would be good for the economy?), the jobless rate continues to move higher.

Speaking of Superstars, Steve-O announces his FIRST EVER meeting with native chiefs.  How is that possible?

A Canadian man improperly placed on the terror watch list takes the Canadian Government to task.  "You abandoned me for seven years – and you caused me all this suffering."  It's all a bit Kafkaesque, when you think about it.

The Americans discovered that we may have covered up news of a salmon virus a decade ago.  But don't worry.  The government assures us there are no problems with salmon stocks and fish farms are completely safe.

A nice summary of the F-35 situation from the Tyee.  Indeed, one of the comments asks the question "what are we planning on using these planes for anyhow?" and I am wondering the same thing myself.  We don't actually do much with our air force.  We might be able to over-run Mexico if it comes down to it.  But a few dozen high-tech planes isn't going to do much for us.  And the Americans continue to discover that the whole thing might be a bad idea.  Can't America make anything properly any more?

A former Chinese spy confirms that there is probably more rather than less in the Bob Dechert saga of the Chinese journalist.  What a bunch of jackasses.

This story makes me a bit sad.  It makes me think of Irwin Cotler as a bit of an "old Gill" from the Simpsons, as people plot to steal his job.  I guess we need to recognize that politics is nothing more than a game of demographics and marketing.  I love that forwarding a rumour is okay because "it's an honest answer to the question.  There have been rumours..".  I'm going to aks my neighbour to start a rumour that Stephen Harper eats a baby seal pup for breakfast every morning.  Then it will be true when I start telling people that there are rumours that Stephen Harper eats a baby seal pup for breakfast every morning.  More here.

An Edmonton Conservative MP has resigned from the Conservative caucus (yet still remains an MP) while he faces drunk driving charges.  Can't he just get out of the way and make way for a new robot?

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