Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Election Round-up #9 - Sept 4-8

One of the guys behind Shit Harper Did was arrested at a campaign stop in Surrey for wearing a T-shirt.  It's pretty fucked up when government security teams are removing people and arresting them for improper political messaging.  Another article details the shitstorm surrounding Harper that day.

Steve continues to pound into us that military response is the only option.  Mulcair's response to this?  "No, fuck you!"

Anti-immigrant mailouts come back to haunt the Conservatives.  And why do all of these have to come laced with so much logical fallacy?

The Conservatives are really starting to parse their language and statistics.  And getting it wrong.  No, we aren't the largest per capita receiver of immigrants.  And "resettled refugees" is just a technicality.

Jason Kenney was presented with facts.  Chose to respond with outrage.  Jason, it does appear that we did actually let more temporary foreign workers than immigrants.  He also explored not taking in any refugees with health problems, but didn't because figured the optics would be bad.  Good thinking.

The mug urination incident is just so bizarre.  The dude is no longer a Conservative candidate so I can now feel a bit sorry for him.  It sounds like he was just trying not to pee his pants in a customers house.  Could have done a better job cleaning the mug though.

Another bad revelation for the Conservatives.  At times, the independent Senate refused to bend to their will and it made them very angry.

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