Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Election Round-up #8 - Sept 1-3

The Syrian refugee crisis has been a disaster for a while, but the images of a tiny child washed up on the shores has been enough to galvanize some kind of support.  Unfortunately, it gets worse and worse for Canada:

The young boy had ties to Canada, and a local MP had approached Chris Alexander to plead their case. Update - It's still a little bit unclear on exactly what happened here.

Of course, Chris Alexander has been ignoring refugees in Syria for quite some time now.  And he is further embarrassing himself.  Please watch the video in that link.  Oh wait.  More embarrassment.  This is probably part of the reason Conservatives grant less than 5% of interview requests.

And just to counter what we're doing vs. what other countries are doing.  Germany is planning on taking on 800,000 refugees.  To our 2300 so far.

Jesus Christ.  Worse and worse:
The boys' father, Abdullah Kurdi, also said today Canadian officials offered him citizenship after seeing what happened, but he has declined. But Citizenship and Immigration Canada released a statement Thursday afternoon saying "Canada did not offer citizenship to Mr Abdullah Kurdi."

Macleans figures we can do a lot more.

The amazing thing is that the Conservatives seem to be touting their "taking it to ISIS" as some kind of justification for doing nothing about refugees.  US documents reveal that we killed up to 27 civilians with our airstrikes.  And we aren't taking it very seriously.  So we're screwing that part up too.

Where is Joe Oliver?  You'd think the Finance Minister would be front and center in talking about financial policy and reaction to the announcement of a Recession.

Oh Laureen...you're off message!

Macleans dismantles the mineral exploration tax credit and all the benefits it supposedly provides.

Steve has been cleaning up anti-Conservative Instagram comments.

A former DFO employee did an analysis and determined that enforcement and charges have dried up in recent years.  There's nobody on the ground to protect our waterways.

A great article about sports stadium construction shakedowns, using Calgary as an example.  It's amazing that these buffoons waited for the oil price collapse to announce their intentions.

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