Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, March 30, 2015

Kenney is an Idiot - Week 204 - March 23-30

Jason Kenney.  Kind of an idiot.  As chief chicken hawk responsible for taking Canada to war, he's really stepping in it this week.  First, he actually brags about how we're going to cut and run in Iraq and Syria once we're done blowing shit up.  This is why we are over there in the first place: The USA had no plans in place to deal with a post invasion Iraq.  If we really wanted to help, we would do exactly the opposite: Let the US blow shit up and then step in to help rebuild.  Leaving a vacuum allowed ISIS to flourish.

After that, he made up some stuff about precision guided munitions.  And I think I forgot to link about his tweeting of misleading photos a few weeks ago.

ISIS...probably not the only people we should be worrying about in Syria.

Unfortunately, this seems to be what the Cons are about these days.  Poor jokes and a lack of answers to questions on the ISIS mission.

Bill C-51 will see a fresh coat of paint.  Well...maybe some pin-striping.  This is a huge failure for Trudeau.  Huge.  Harper can say "We are trying to keep our country safe.  Look at how great we are listening to criticism and changing things."  Mulcair can say "Our opposition resulted in important changes to this terrible legislation."  Trudeau can say "We blindly went along and contributed nothing to the discussion."  

The Cons are still trying to shut down safe injection sites.

Here's my study on microbeads:  They're fucking terrible and should be banned and we should probably take the manufacturers to court for the clean-up costs.  I guess Environment Canada studying them is a step in the right direction.  But come on Conservatives, you're known for your over-the-top knee jerk reactions without scientific facts to back you up.  Why start now?

A good point.  Everybody else seems to have their shit in order...why is Joe Oliver still unable to provide a budget?

The Cons have spent a lot of money so far battling to take away expats voting rights.  Kind of sad that they're so afraid of people that have seen the world.

Holy shit!  They won a court decision!  Quebec can't keep their gun registry info.

It's amazing how the Snowden files keep giving and giving.  Canada apparently has a number of offensive hacking tactics and tools.  All this information is how old now though?

John Baird is going to advise Barrick Gold.  And this details his involvement in the "Victims of Communism" memorial and its renaming.

I was wrong about the Toronto Terror Tunnel...good to know somebody who isn't a suburban white kid can catch a break with police.  Very cool story about the guy/kid who built the tunnel.  I'm glad it all worked out for him.

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