Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, March 23, 2015

A short one to follow up on a long one - Week 203 - March 16-23

It's funny that when you criticize Harper everybody assumes you are pro Trudeau.  Can't I just be anybody-but-Harper?  I am kind of pro Trudeau, just because he seems like the most likely choice to make anybody-but-Harper happen.  But, it does kind of feel like he's screwing things up.  Please just cooperate with the NDP, put forward some meaningful electoral reform and call it a day.  Please?

The government has been forced to buy $4.3 Million worth of marijuana.  Medical marijuana.  For veterans.  My friend Slippin' Jimmy probably could have sourced it for a few hundred thousand and use of a warehouse.

Not to worry though.  Even though we wasted that money on pot for Veterans, we put $24 Million to good use, advertising on behalf of our Energy Industry in the US of A.

The argument is made that there are potentially Billions to be saved with a National Pharmacare program.  I heard Rex Murphy say something this weekend along the lines of "but can the taxpayers afford it?"  I'm not really sure if he gets it.

Conservative MP Larry Miller figures that immigrants should "stay the hell where you came from".  Which is bad English and a horrible sentiment.  He actually thinks that terrorists can sneak into the country by...I think by impersonating another person and hiding their face during a citizenship ceremony?  I'm not sure how that works, and As it Happens pointed out that he probably doesn't either.  And sorry...I went on a bit of a twitter tirade against some jackass Realtor, agreeing with this garbage while proudly flying his Century 21 employment.  I assumed they might care that their name is being attached to a horrible set of thoughts.  But they didn't.  Unless I made them aware by phone.

Looks like the knee jerk public reaction to Bill C-51 has shifted in the opposite direction.  I mean, if you're going to base things on the opinions of people, many of which have not taken the time to research or understand the issue, I guess this is good news.

Microsoft is opening up a new office in Vancouver...and plans to staff it entirely with foreign workers.  Well.  Not entirely.  20 of the 400 jobs would go to Canadians.

The two Libs accused of...who even knows at this point...will be booted permanently from caucus.

Old news, but more detail on how companies are abusing the new Canadian Copyright rules.  Because corporations never try to push the boundaries on legislation solely created for their benefit and always tell the truth in the process of pushing for their creation.

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