Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Who to believe? - Week 174 - Aug 25 - Sep 2

I try to keep the swearing to a minimum on this little blog.  Something about "expanding the audience"...but what the fuck?  This is amazing!  Last year, Employment and Social Development Canada put together a report that suggested the Canadian middle class has seen wage stagnation.  Finance Canada is angry because this  "appears to conflict with the general message in Budget 2014 and previous internal briefings", so they put together a new report that says the opposite.  Man.  What the fuck are these guys up to?  How the fuck can we take these guys seriously?  Fuck!

Steve's fancy "We Hate Communists" memorial?  He has appropriated the land from a project for a new Federal Court building.  The name of that unbuilt building/project?  The Pierre Elliot Trudeau Judicial Building.  And they're spending a pile to make it happen.

Oh man...can you imagine saying this shit with a straight face?  CRA is auditing a left leaning think tank because of "bias"...They're aware of the Fraser Institute, right?

The Globe lays out the insane number of "tough on crime" bills that are being introduced (and passed) without anybody really noticing.  Except for this one.  This one was noticed.  There was a massive clerical error made with one of the Cons tough-on-crime bills.  They sent the wrong version to the Senate for review.  Could their own cuts have derailed their plans?

What the fuck is wrong with these stupid anti-science, Conservative zealots?  The PC leader in New Brunswick is arguing that Justin Trudeau is wrong to push for more research into fracking.  Which is a fucking stupid position to take.  This argument that "fracking is safe and has been going on for 50 years" is imbecilic.  The process and scale now is way, way different than it was.  To argue that we shouldn't look into the effects of massive fracking projects is stupid.  Hope this imbecile doesn't get elected.

What does Stephen Harper hope to accomplish with all his tough talk on Russia?  We have nothing to back this up.  Even if we did, what do we want?  World War III?  You're supposed to talk trash behind doors, not to the newspapers.  Only a psychopath would deny the existence of global warming and then suggest that it's effects are an opportunity (the Arctic) and stoke fears that the Russians are coming.  As well, I know one thing an International crisis doesn't need: An official Canadian delegation tweeting snarky comments at the Russians.

Peter McKay posed for a photo in a shirt supporting a gun rights group that supports an end to firearm regulation in Canada.  Take the craziest shit the NRA wants and they want that here.  "No Compromise".  And then...Is Peter MacKay delusional?  Only an imbecile would argue that sex workers are not stakeholders in new prostitution legislation.

More bad deeds with temporary foreign workers.  A Saskatchewan company laid off Canadian workers and brought in TFW's.  And there are some safety issues related to language skills and qualifications in a big Oil Sands construction project.

Veterans groups are questioning why the government is spending millions to commemorate old wars while shafting current veterans.  This is a good question.

Somebody is trying to rally Conservative staffers against their evil oppressors - Conservative MP's.  They point out two interesting things: 1) Of course, the Conservative majority approved raises for MP's, but cut money for office staff, and 2) Libs and NDP pay their office staff better.

"Traditional Family Values".  "Tough-on-crime approach".  "Safe and sensible firearms policy".  Who can argue with that?  What happened to a "steady hand on the tiller".  The article also notes that the Tea Party is about "traditional family values".

Our financially responsible government wanted to mothball a bunch of private jets that the Liberals bought because they were "excessive".  But then kept them, because they used them so much.

The government spent $24M promoting the Keystone pipeline in the US.  It had little impact.

The Tyee speculates that our days of "easy oil" are well and truly gone.  Oil company profits prove it.

The Harper Government hasn't filled a post to oversee the mining industry.  It's been vacant for over a year.

The Conservatives are upset that "the media" dares to not like them...asks for money from supporters.

This is a really...funny?...interesting?...article on how Canadians get off on punishing people.

This article tears Stephen Harper's "not a sociological phenomenon" comment apart.  Some info on why a public inquiry might be called for.

The Harper Government is telling civil servants to delete their e-mails.

A Conservative Senator has to apologize for hiring his girlfriend.

Canada has the most business friendly tax policy in the world.

This isn't even vulture capitalism.  It's like super aggressive alien invasion capitalism.  Funding for Robert Mugabe's brutal genocide can be traced directly back to American hedge funds.

Great news!  An LNG train derailed.  And it didn't explode!  We're making progress, people.

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