Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, September 22, 2014

Chinese Overlords - Week 176-177 - Sept 8-22

Sorry.  Missed a week.  Looks like there was a lot going on.

Steve got his free trade agreement signed with China.  Opinions vary from "China will take over our country" to "Doesn't really matter...everybody else can already sue us over trade issues anyhow."

Our performance in several key metrics for child health is terrible.  Out of 29 countries assessed, we're 27th in child obesity, 22nd in infant mortality and 21st in child poverty rates.  967,000 children live in low income houses/poverty.  I think what those families really need is another tax cut.  Put a couple hundred dollars in their pockets and I'm sure the problem will fix itself.

Steve loses another court battle.  The Ontario Court of Appeal rules a tough-on-crime law unconstitutional.

Steve likes his secrets.  A growing number of topics are considered "Cabinet Secrets" and won't be released for 20 years.

The Department of Justice suggest that Peter MacKay and Steve were wrong to criticize the Chief Justice and that she had every right to comment on Supreme Court appointments.  Man.  Somebody is not getting a mother's/father's day e-mail this year.

Great week for Canada.  Bad week for Rod Anders.  Sleepy Time loses another nomination battle.  Could this be the end for him in Canadian politics?  I bet he shows up as a Wild Rose candidate soon.

Steve's precious Museum for Human Rights has opened up.  And the Cons seemed concerned about the contents of the exhibits.  I'm surprised Steve hasn't been spending weekends there, working on his diorama on how the Charter of Rights ruined oil development.  Interesting that as they trumpet human rights, there's been a lot of the work in the background to deny them for trans-gendered people.

Canada appears to no longer be granting North Korean refugee claims.  Because we all know how safe and effectively governed that country is.

The MP who proposed a law to empower MP's has been pressured into amending the bill.  What we really need to stop things like this from happening is some sort of something...a bill perhaps?...to empower MP's.  And you know that a bill that when the PM blesses a bill that is supposed to reel back a little bit of power from said PM....well...maybe it's a bit of lip service.

There's some proof that the government has been tracking hundreds of peaceful protests, panel discussions, etc.

No money to investigate the effects of global warming.  Lots of money for an expedition to support Steve's pet project/fascination with the lost Franklin expedition.

This article speculates that the Conservatives have something to fear over mandatory voting laws.  Which would explain why they've made such an effort to suppress vote participation.

Apparently our fighter jet choice is down to the F-35 and the Super Hornet.

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