Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, November 25, 2013

Nothing to talk about besides the Senate - Week 134 - Nov 18-25

You always know you're on the wrong side when your folk heroes are a bunch of fucking assholes.  George Zimmerman.  Rob Ford.  Nothing more to say.

This is a really great essay on being poor.  And of course people have a problem with somebody holding down several jobs with no idea how to change their situation.  What a freeloader.

Well this is pretty damning...Of course, our Prime Minister had nothing to do with the misdeeds of his hand selected employees.  Old Steve is the most loyal of friends.  Until you become a liability.  Irving Gerstein should be a bit worried.  Oh.  Wait.  He's throwing him under the bus already.

Stephen Harper officially and totally hangs Nigel Wright out to dry.  I really, really hope Nigel kept some paperwork.  The oddest thing about this whole thing: Why on earth would he use his own money to bail Mike Duffy out?

A story about the missing 3.1 billion.  I initially mispelt "story" as "tory".

A Liberal Senator is accused of sexual harassment.

Some of these by-elections are getting hot and heavy.  Stephen Harper is apparently personally sending out mails to one riding.  Yes I know he isn't really signing them.

This is what our government fights for.  Our right to hunt seals, mine asbestos and build pipelines.  Imagine if they put all this money and energy into industries that didn't enrage half the world?  Of kill them.

Imagining half of North Korea addicted to crystal meth makes the place seem about 100% more terrible.

I wonder if in 50 years time we'll hear about Karl Rove sneaking up to Canada to help the Conservatives get elected?  JFK's pollster infiltrated Canada many moons ago.

A story about Stuxnet that provides a lot of information about cyber warfare and international espionage.

Rob Ford continues to be a walking, talking cartoon.  He hired a former steroid dealer as his personal trainer.  To be fair, I'm sure lots of personal trainers have dealt steroids at some point and time.  Rob ford gets interviewed, makes shit up. People take his "billion saved" as gospel, though.

Christy Clark staffer takes job with Kinder Morgan lobbyist.

This is precisely what people don't understand about copyright legislation and "piracy".  Man buys TV.  TV sends all his information to LG.  Man asks LG to make this stop.  LG tells man that he clicked on the terms of service so he should just go pound sand.  So...with proposed copyright legislation, it could go like this.  Man attempts to reclaim own TV and is arrested for breaking factory installed DRM.  We're entering a world where we no longer own the things in our houses.

Every time we take a trip to a major US city, we see massive billboards for movies that will never be released in Canada.  For a recent trip to LA it was Best Man Holiday.  This story explains the phenomenon.

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