Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, November 18, 2013

Givin' it up for Sweden - Week 133 - Nov 12-18

I'm sick of talking about Canada.  Sweden is awesome.  Expensive.  But awesome.  And apparently they have so few criminals, they are shutting down prisons (key point - rehabilitation works).  And a higher concentration of billionaires than the US (key point - social safety nets work).

Sometimes it might be a little tough to put the larger picture in perspective.  It's easy to look at something like Fracking and wonder what the deal is.  We were just in Laguna Beach, where there is a (privately funded) seal and sea lion rescue facility.  Supposedly this is their worst year ever.  Higher water temperatures and a lack of fish are causing hundreds and hundreds of dramatically underfed orphaned cubs.  Which kind of shows you why our freshwater lakes, rivers and streams are so important.  But Christy Clark just wants to "get to yes".  As well, was listening to a professor on the CBC yesterday, who pretty much tore Christy Clarks "the world needs our clean LNG" argument to shreds.  Number one, our LNG isn't that clean.  Number two, we'd be a lot better off if we used all the electricity that we're going to generate to create LNG for other purposes.  She's a crazed LNG lunatic.

Justin Trudeau was at an event for teens and answered a question about Marijuana.  Peter McKay freaked out about "Justin Trudeau talking about legalizing marijuana in front of elementary school kids."

This is the worst thing a government can do:  Sign treaties that allow for no future changes.  The Trans Pacific Partnership effectively halts any efforts at copyright reform.  Because governments always get things right the first time around.

More Michael Sona.  According to Conservative party staffers and lawyers he's a criminal genius.  And they in no way provided a voter list.  The Liberals did.

So 10 teenage boys between the ages of 13-15 have been accused of "child pornography".  No details are given.  I'm betting they did something really horrible, but if the victims are close to their same age, are we really going to brand this children as "child pornographers" for the rest of their lives?  Do we need to sensationalize this as a massive "child pornography" bust?

I kind of like this.  Rob "gravy train" Ford is offering $5,000 raises to his employees if they stay on.  And is hiring taxpayer funded lawyers to sue people for taking his power away.  And makes $170,000 per year.

I haven't posted about Stephen Harper's strange obsession with the North in a while.  Here we go!  It looks like the government or the Conservatives or somebody paid CBC to cover a ship salvaging expedition in the North.  And then lied about it.

The Conservatives are trying to fast track "anti-counterfeiting measures".  Border laptop seizures for all!

JPMorgan took to twitter for a Q&A session.  And shut it down when the results became more than embarrassing.

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