Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, September 23, 2013

Home - Week 125 - Sept 16-23

I've been away for the last week and haven't looked at the news much.  But doesn't this seem like it should be a bigger story?  Scientists are standing up to Stephen Harper.  Protests!  The key to good decision making is good data.  Doesn't a goverment that seems uninterested in data (science, the census) scare the shit out of you?

The Stephen Harper pre-election charm offensive starts.  All of a sudden, he's concerned with consumer rights.

Why can't/won't the RCMP tell us how much it will/has cost to destroy the gun registry?

What is Stephen Harper hoping to gain by continually shunning the UN?  Is he trying to diminish his failures within the UN environment by diminishing their import in the eyes of Canadians?

Oooooh Steve.....stickin it to the bad guys. Sex offenders may have to report in before leaving the country.

Huge surprise. Economic action plan ads don't work.

Vancouver's Insite program has been a crazy success by many, many standards.  No deaths through 2,000,000 injections over 10 years?  Yes, that much heroin is not good, but I'd rather have that much heroin and no deaths than the alternative.  And here's the crazy part.  I'll bet if you did a survey you would find that zero percent of people have found that Insite encouraged them to try heroin.

National Post is turning into nothing more than a Trudeau attack machine.

I think the NRA needs some training in public relations, crisis management...heck, in logic too.  Wayne Lapierre responds to another incident of gun violence by blaming it on everything other than an excess of guns in American society.

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