Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Existential Crisis - Week 122 - Aug 26 - Sept 3

Oh man.  I just can't get interested.  Sorry people.  I have a few stories for you this week, but something needs to get me more engaged.

There appears to be some evidence that senior Conservative Senators are full of shit and knew all about the Duffy/Wright affair.

Some more information on Robo-Calls, including a detailed timeline.  To me, it sounds nearly impossible that this was the actions of one lowly guy, acting alone.

From my cold, dead hands...Love this story.  First, the police talk about how dangerous all of these weapons are and how they could have found their way into the hands of criminals.  And then at the bottom it mentions that almost all of the weapons are legal in Canada, it's just illegal to re-sell them on the "black market".  Sensationalist garbage designed to stir up fear.

The Fraser Institute thinks we should only allow immigrants into the country that have been hand-picked by businesses and industry.  Which also seems to be the policy of our Conservative overlords.  Yah...nothing could go wrong with that.

People love to complain.  Complain about police not having tasers.  Then complain about the cost of the tasers when the police announce that they're going to issue tasers.

John Baird talks tough to Syria.  Which, to me, seems a bit like a Vancouver High School President talking tough to a Toronto street thug.

The Sun compares pro-Palestine ads with homophobic or sexist material.  And won't actually tell us what the ads say.  Perhaps buses aren't the place for politically charged advertisements, but this isn't the way to argue it.  This story shows the actual ads...Huh...But oh man.  The comments sections of these things are really disintegrating.

A lady was stopped on Skytrain for a fare check and is now being deported, even though it sounds like she was following the rules.

More wasted military procurement dollars.

I've been meaning to post and read this for a while.  The CBC does a bit of a breakdown on our lowered crime rates.  There are no real revelations, other than "Don't credit recent Conservative legislation."
Mac Harb has decided to retire from the Senate and repay all the money that he owes.  Good for him, I guess.

An opinion poll has shown that 2/3rds of Quebeckers think that a ban on religious garments is a good thing.

This sounds vaguely Tea Partyesque...The Canadian movement of "Freemen".  Oh boy do they ever come out of the woodwork in the comments.  "Chemtrails" conspiracy theories...everything.

Dave Chappelle walked off stage last week.  Not many of the details were talked about.  This story is an interesting take on what happened and suggests that the crowd was a bunch of drunk, white frat boys that wouldn't stop yelling.  So he left.  And of course the comments degenerate into "Why Canada isn't or is racist."

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