Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, August 19, 2013

Pamela - Week 120 - Aug 12-19

Have you ever really hoped for something and worked really, really hard to get it, and then felt a sense of disappointment when you get exactly what you were asking for?  The Police Officer in the Sammy Yatim shooting has been charged with murder.

See.  This, to me, is offensive.  The rail company behind Lac Megantic has had it's license pulled, due to INSUFFICIENT 3RD PARTY LIABILITY INSURANCE!!!  Ya.  No shit.

This is what happens when governments enact "anti-terrorism" laws.  Spouses of journalists are detained and asked questions about Edward Snowden.

"Flawed and Unfair"...Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Oh man.  That is rich.  I mean, I've never really met anybody that has participated in any kind of audit that came out of it thinking "Hey...that was pretty good."  The whole purpose of an audit is for an impartial 3rd Party to cut through the bullshit.  I guess I can see how she would think that it was "flawed and unfair".  Man.  What a loser.  Who appointed her to the Senate anyway?

The Globe has pointed out that the audit of Pamela Wallin is costing a lot of money.  Which isn't really important at all.

Stephen Harper's spokesman pulls his ass off the hand and resigns.

Salon suggests the IOC is encouraging athletes to stay in the closet in Sochi.  Which isn't quite correct.  It's telling them not to protest...but I think they're trolling for clicks with that headline.

This Tyee article points out an interesting fact.  The RCMP actually has a target of six terrorist activity disruptions every year.  Which is just kind of staggering...Do they have serial killer quotas as well?
Pipelines...totally safe!

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