Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, August 12, 2013

Back at it - Week 119 - Aug 6-12

Well I've been away the last week.  Has the coverage suffered at all?  I think not, dear readers.  Okay, on with the show.

I'm expecting the Pamela Wallin reveal to be a calamitous shitshow.  Should be awesome!

Canada has decided that Russia warrants criticism for harbouring Edward Snowden.

More "John Baird pissed off at Russia" news...John Baird is angry about Russia's anti-gay laws.

A Conservative women's group is angry at John Baird for his anti-Russian, pro-gay stance.  I'm sure they would all be treated very well over in Russia.  The women, that is.

John Baird basically tells them to fuck off.

Mac Harb.  Oy.  Mac Harb.  Last I saw, the "loan" was up to $230k.  Gotta pay back those expenses somehow, I guess.

Capitalism in action!  The rail company that caused the Lac Megantic disaster has filed for bankruptcy.  Caused a giant explosion that killed dozens of people and levelled a small town?  Don't worry about it!  We got all kinds of legal protection to make sure you don't have to pay.

An interesting story on Stephen Harper's refusal to vacate 24 Sussex Drive to complete renovations.
Elections Canada has found quite a few instances of illegal corporate donations during the last election.

The Pirate Party is coming to Canada!

Okay.  It suffered a bit.  Sorry.

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