Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, March 4, 2013

Thieves in the Night - Week 96 - Feb 25 - Mar 4

Our Week 95.5 post covered a lot of ground.  The second half of the week seemed a bit slower.

Like thieves in the night...The Kits Coast Guard base is already being dismantled, to ensure that nobody can ever change the decision made by the Conservatives.  Do you know how much planning it would take to organize a Construction crew to take on a job of this magnitude?  It certainly wouldn't happen in a matter of days.  So, somehow, a closing of a Coast Guard base 3 months from now has turned into an immediate closer with decommissioning starting 3-4 days later.  Somebody had a very specific plan a while back.  It's pretty disingenuous that they shared one plan while fabricating another.

On a more personal note, Tony Clement is now following my Twitter feed (which followed shortly after two tweets making fun of Vic Toews and Jason Kenney.  Perhaps he's a bit disgruntled).  I searched for something amazing to engage him with, but he doesn't appear to have been up to much lately.

Speaking of Vic Toews!  Back with a vengeance!  This time, he's suggesting that the opposition parties didn't work hard enough to challenge the government in 2008 when they appointed Arthur Porter as the CSIS watchdog.  Amazing!  Basically "If you had worked harder to overrule our terrible appointment we wouldn't be in this predicament."

The NP is painting Jason Kenney as some sort of all-seeing, immigration god.  They actually congratulate him on "eliminating a backlog of 280,000 would-be immigrants".  Ya.  I guess if you decide to just cancel the applications, that is one way of eliminating a backlog.

Canada feels that the Keystone pipeline is critical to our oil sands development.  I mean, it has to be, right?  Why else would everybody be so worked up about it?  Yet the State Department claims it won't have an impact on Oil Sands development?  Something doesn't add up here.

Oh.  This is beautiful.  Jonathan Kay over on the National Post has come to the defense of Tom Flanagan.  I see his point (that we shouldn't destroy an individual over a few poorly worded sentences in response to a question).  But his justification is awesome.  He suggests that anybody could make a similar mistake when faced with the prospect of answering questions in front of a group of people without adequate time to prepare.  And then he uses himself as an example. "During public speaking events, I myself have several times mistaken “Osama” with the last name of the current U.S. president, and once held forth on the need to 'kill Obama.'"

Quebec Senators don't take the train (for free) either.  Their ride is only 2 hours though.  So, ya, maybe they should be taking the train.

The Senate is trying to get in front of the scandal and have announced changes to their housing allowance policy.

An interesting take on why Wall Street is fucked.  Nothing new here, but it lays out nicely how traders are incentivized to take massive risks.

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