Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Angry John Baird Returns - Week 96.5 - Mar 4-6

What an awesome Angry John Baird picture, as he continues his "All Israel, All the time" policy with an announcement that nobody should dare question anything that they've ever done, as he threatens Palestine for daring to approach the International Criminal Court with complaints about Israel.
More on Israel.   I follow Stephen Harper on Twitter.  I just saw this tweet: "Our gov't stands against the reckless and overheated rhetoric associated with anti-Israel activities. http://ow.ly/ip58B"  That link goes to a Facebook photo.  Digging a bit further is this link http://ow.ly/ilyc3 to a comment from Jason Kenney.  I don't know much about Israel Apartheid Week.  I find it really odd that so many official statements would be released about a University protest event.  It does look like there is a lot of official Israeli and Jewish lobby pressure to stop this.  Is criticism of the Government of Israel anti-Semitic?  I criticize the Canadian government all the time and that doesn't mean I'm anti-Canadian.  Well.  It probably does in Harper's eyes.

The NDP has put forward a motion to disband the Senate.  But this is not good enough for the Conservatives.  Apparently, even though they put forward a motion, they don't really mean it, and this is all just a ploy to win the next election and start appointing their own Senators.  I guess that when everything that you do as a government has nefarious undertones, it's difficult to not speculate that the actions of others have nefarious undertones.

Oh good god.  What is wrong with these people?  Another Conservative Senator in trouble.  This time, for "dating" a member of his staff.

Joe Oliver - "We definitely don't need this pipeline that we're lobbying our asses off to get approved."  Not an actual quote.

Peter McKay is suggesting that the F-35 purchase may be delayed by Sequestration.  But I thought they were revisiting this whole purchase?  So how is he certain that Sequestration will cause a delay if he isn't certain we are buying the F-35?

Two former finance dept. workers are taking Stephen Harper and the Conservatives to task for excessive secrecy, amongst other things.

This response from Jason Kenney about Christy Clark's troubles is very insightful.  Every single question and comment made by the Conservatives seems to have some sort of political undertones.  Can they not answer a question without explaining how great they are and how terrible all the other parties are?

Even the National Post has a story about the potential backdooring of ACTA.  After all this bullshit about "fair and balanced copyright", these guys (music companies, film companies, etc) just keep their hands out and demand more, more, more.  It's crazy.  This shit has to stop.

The National Taxpayers Federation awards the "Teddy" award for government waste to a Saskatchewan Chief.  It does sound like this guy is pretty over the top.  He governs a tiny band, takes home a huge salary and doesn't seem to care what his people think.  I think that unfortunately a (potentially) corrupt chief is really going to paint things bad for an entire group here.

The loss of the Kits Coast Guard Base was put to the test.  It worked out okay this time, as everybody lived.  But, it took 23 minutes for the Coast Guard to respond from Richmond.  Is this an acceptable amount of time?  I'm not sure.  Kits base would have been closer.  Seeing as this is one of, if not the busiest port in Canada, more incidents are going to happen.  Add 10 minutes to the response time of each of these incidents and you are asking for trouble.

The Conservatives are tackling another issue critical to the welfare of the country: Contraband tobacco.

I'm a little bit sad that we won't have a politician in office whose nickname is "Shithead".

I read a lot of stupid things in the National Post.  In their defense, most of the really stupid comes in the form of readers comments.  But this opinion piece suggesting that Canadians need to be getting in debt now while the debting is good is just the most insane thing I've ever read.  Perhaps an argument could be made for taking out a loan right now to invest in bonds or the stock market, but the average investor would get smoked with that strategy.  And an argument could be made about locking in a low rate mortgage.  But this article doesn't really do that.  It just blindly suggests that debt is low, so we should load up.  New jetski?  Sure!  Hey, let's all buy cars!  Or, how about some Real Estate!  Bubble, schmubble.

Another stupid article from the National Post.  This one suggesting that once the Canadian Dollar hits 94 cents US, it will be a "great time to buy".  Ummm...So...a 94 cent dollar will be a great time for Canadians to buy Canadian Dollars with their Canadian Dollars?

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