Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, January 28, 2013

Rememberings - Week 91 - Jan 21-28

Our mid-week post covered the happenings of Monday to Wednesday.
Stephen Harper quietly named a new batch of Senators.  Conservative fundraisers, relatives of former MP's and oil industry types...I've included a photo of Stephen Harper above, just in case you forgot what he looks like.

Details from the Ashley Smith inquest are seeping out and it is just a really sad catastrophe.  For a long time I've wondered how guards could have just sat there and let it happen.  But then you find out they were threatened with all kinds of bad things after previous incidents in which they intervened and it makes more "sense"...sense being relative in this case.  Hopefully the people who created this situation are found accountable.

Some more information has come out about the sternly worded letters from Environment Canada.  Apparently two of the letters were in response to oil spills.  There were no public reports created about either of them and the public only found out about them when the story about the letters broke.  And, well, one of the spills was approximately two barrels worth.  And the other was approximately 3,000 barrels worth.  And lasted for 36 hours.  Wonder if they got the same letter?

A report from the Parliamentary Budget Officer highlights that "spending cuts" completed by the Conservatives haven't really done much of anything except with regards to front line services (i.e. they've cut the shit out of front line services).  Lots of other things just keep going up and up.  So.  Essentially - "We're going to cut all the shit that we don't like in the name of 'cost savings' while spending like drunken sailors on stuff we like."

Remember a few months ago, when there was that story about the Canadian lady being jailed in Mexico for plotting to smuggle one of Gaddafi's sons in?  And it just seemed so completely insane that it couldn't possibly be believable?  Well, it kind of makes a bit of sense now as we find out details of the graft paid by SNC Lavelin.  Although, why would you feel so indebted to some guy that you paid millions in bribes to?  Unless you figured he would somehow make it back into power.

Oh ya.  Nobody at all is going to learn how to take advantage of the Entrepreneur visa program.  You're required to have venture capital funding in place before you can come?  "Hello rich Canadian uncle.  I would like to move to Canada.  Can you provide me with $100,000 for my imaginary business?  Thanks."  Or "Hello Venture Capital firm in Canada.  I would like to buy my way into the country.  Can I front you $100,000 that you can then front to my 'business'?  Great."

Well, the National Post finally gave a voice for a left wing editorial...about how disappointing it is that Thomas Mulcair isn't left wing enough.

Theresa Spence ended her hunger strike. And then promptly stepped in it by calling Brazeau a...just let me make sure I get this right...a "typical colonized indian asshole" on Twitter.

I saw this article on the Globe and Mail yesterday (don't go read it).  I stopped reading.  Apparently, not everybody else did.  Boingboing has a nice response to how ridiculous it is to write off everybody as hackers and copyright thieves.

Remember how big a deal Mo Farah was for the UK in these past Olympics?  Well, apparently in the US, he gets questioned as a potential terrorist.  At least they're equitable in their pour treatment of brown guys.

This Bloomberg interactive display on the worlds Billionaires is fascinating.  Play around with it a bit.  The "inherited" filter is quite interesting.  Look at how those Waltons stack up one after another.  And...only one Canadian billionaire.  And he's not on Dragon's Den.

Nothing to do with Canada...but a State Legislator in New Mexico wants to outlaw abortion by rape victims as they will be "tampering with evidence".  Cue the outrage from the "hateful" e-mails she is about to receive.  She attempted to backpedal a few days later, but I'm not sure you can really step back from something like this.

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