Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fixing the Environment - Week 90.5 - Jan 21-23

The Federal Government came down hard on industry for a bunch of environmental transgressions.  Million dollar fines?  Jail time?  No, no, no.  Sternly worded warning letters.  Actually, they probably weren't even all that sternly worded.  They even went so far as to send themselves a sternly worded letter.

The Financial Post talks about the Economist talking about our Real Estate bubble.  Great time to buy!

I don’t really know what to think.  Apparently Stephen Harper is seeking consensus from the other parties on what to do in Mali.  And thinking of sending a second airplane.

Some actual details on one of the projects funded by the car industry innovation fund.  34 Million to Toyota to bring some hybrid assembly to Canada.

Parks Canada is attempting to cover its budget shortfall by hiking user fees.  Silly parks.  Don’t they realize that they’re just not welcome in Stephen Harpers Canada?  Anyhow, why should all the people that don’t use parks have to pay for them?  Think of how great they’ll be once it cost several hundred dollars per visit.

More on the Liberal Leadership.  Justin Trudeau has come out in favour of a ranked ballot, but is not in favour of cooperation with the NDP.  It appears that Joyce Murray is the only Liberal pushing for a cooperative outing in the next election - i.e. The Greens/NDP/Liberals only running one candidate (total) in each riding to eliminate vote splitting.  I can just see Steve-O feasting on the "insult to democracy" that would be.  The article points to this website as well.

This Tyee article digs out some links between a Chinese mining company working in Canada (in fact, the mining company responsible for the temporary foreign workers fiasco) and mine disasters back in China.  Five major accidents, almost 200 people killed.

So…a Vancouver transit cop left a “bomb” on an airplane.  Of course, there’s very little detail contained in any story.  I heard one account that the “bomb” was just a rag covered in gunpowder.  Another said it was a bottle filled with semtex.  Somewhere else somebody suggested that all manner of other government agencies got involved in searching for it.  The only thing I can think of when I read this article is…Why is a transit cop training is dog to hunt for bombs on an airplane?

It has been revealed that the Government paid for a chunk of the expenses incurred by CEO's on Stephen Harper's last China trade junket.  Don't worry though.  It was a "good investment".

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