Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Slow Week - Week 47 - Mar 19-26

Not much going on this week, save for the NDP electing a new leader.
Stephen Harper takes the high road with his first public comment and suggests that Mulcair is an "opportunist".  Which, when you think about it, is true.  Generally people need to be presented with "opportunities" for anything to happen.

Irwin Cottler again.  Some detail leaks out about his "shadow mp".  I still don't really understand what his job is, but apparently he gets to speak in public about whatever he wants but it's all okay because it's "off the record" so he can say whatever he wants.  Which happens to be a bunch of shit about Israel.  But we still don't know what his role is or how much money he makes.

The Fighter Jets start looking worse and worse and worse.

More robo-calls.  Elections Canada has dug up information on a...gosh...Nixonesque plot to phone voters in the middle of the night claiming to be a Liberal Candidate.  Elections Canada also stated that they planned on visiting voters houses to dunk sleeping people's hands in cold water as well as a downright sinister plot to deliver unordered pizzas.

In the Globe and Mail...we have a story on how we need to pull back mortgages to slow down the "booming housing market" as well as a story on house prices being "dangerously over-valued".  I guess that is one way to hedge your bets.

Oh.  Don't worry about China buying everything.  They're only concerned with "equity stakes" in all of the companies they are buying up.  Because there is no chance they would change that once they have that controlling ownership stake.

In more under-reported science news, many, many scientists have come out asking Stephen Harper to change his plans for the Fisheries Act.  Yes.  Appeal to his sense of reason and equity.  That should work well.

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