Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, March 19, 2012

Meeting Targets - Week 46 - March 12-19

Hey look.  All these people like me.

Can you believe this?  We're 46 weeks in, Stephen Harper is just getting his Omnibus Crime Bill passed, and he has somehow still made his 100-day target?  If there's one thing you can say about Parliament, they sure know how to sandbag a goal.  And...Quebec is well and truly telling them to pound sand.

Speaking of Parliament, they're really starting to catch on to this whole Internet thing.  They've finally admitted that they're not really sure how they will hold Anonymous responsible for threats against Vic Toews and they're even admitting that it might be a bit silly to even speak of trying to do such a thing.

And governments are just like people.  Nobody likes gossipy Sue.  And nobody trusts Canada with their secrets any longer since members of our military started giving secrets to Russia.

Somebody has decided that preserving (some of the) CBC Archives is not a good idea.  They're going to digitize it instead.  Some of it.  No.  Wait a second.  They sold it to some guy in Calgary.  I'm not even joking.

Back to robo-calls.  You know, amongst all the shenanigans that have happened in the US in recent years...court cases deciding elections.  Electronic voting machines with no oversight.  Crazy stuff.  I've always said "at least Canada has a strong, independent, centralized voting system that wouldn't allow for stuff like that."  Personally, I don't really think that too many people didn't end up voting due to a phone call telling them to drive across town (the last minute voter registrations is another matter), it has still shaken my confidence in our democratic system.  But, I feel like Elections Canada is going to figure this out.  And that makes me happy.  Oh.  The Liberals are co-operating.  And some of the Conservatives own buddies want an investigation.

Asbestos!  Gosh, we haven't heard anything about asbestos in a while.  Another story about the mines closing.  All that nonsense and the mines are going to close...

More happy news.  Somebody in the Conservative government has admitted that the F-35 Fighter Jet isn't all sunshine and roses.  This is a pretty amazing step, admitting that something isn't quite as it should be.  I'm sure the poor bastard will be fired within the month.

The Natives are getting serious about delaying the Northern Gateway PipelineAs the Conservatives talk about gutting the environmental review process in the name of "pragmatism".  I mean, who wants to take a bit of time planning things out when there's only hundreds of fish bearing streams and 1/3 of the nations coastline at stake?

Hey!  Oil sands!  Lets kill some wolves!

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