Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, November 24, 2014

Science can be your friend - Week 186 - Nov 17-24

Leonna Aglukkaq describes why we don't need to do as much as China and the US on climate change.  "Canada accounts for less than 2 per cent" of global GHG emissions.

Oh Fuck.  This isn't going to end well.  Two men wore Burkas to rob a Toronto jewelry store.  How haven't the Cons banned that shit already?  Crime furthering otherworldly religious garb?  Please.

The Cons have devised a neat new trick.  They haven't actually cut the budget for Veteran's services...they're just not spending all of the money in that budget.

The Cons are telling civil servants to use partisan hashtags in their tweets in support of income tax proposals.

Michael Sona has been sentenced.  Everybody seems to think others were involved, yet nothing else seems to be happening.  The Cons have decided to cross their fingers and hope that it just goes away.  Nobody is commenting.

Joe Oliver's economic update speech last week was a fundraising dinner.  Which is odd.  You have to pay the candidate $800 per table to get an update on the Canadian economy?  No wonder they take in so much money in donations.

A long screed from MacLean's on the ridiculous "anti honour killing" law.  And how it could change the definition of "provocation" for everyone.

A document from the Immigration and Citizenship department suggests that media inquiries be handled with large, international organizations receiving top priority, then major Canadian organizations, then, maybe, smaller independents.  The ministry shoots back that this is just a "draft".  Having worked in government, I know that every single document is called a draft.  There must only be a handful of documents every year that aren't considered as such.

Stupid Privacy Commissioner.  Asking for checks and balances to go with all the new police powers the Cons are dishing up?

Interesting insight into who the lobbyists are and who they represent.

Do you know what the average windfall was for Canada/BC/Alberta last 5 years due to Trans Mountain Pipeline income tax payments?  $1.5 Million.  Less than peanuts.  I bet that doesn't pay for the costs to regulate them.

The National Post thinks that Stephen Harper being an asshole to Putin at a diplomatic function ranks up there with other famous asshole Canadian politician moments.  In Russia, Canada is the confused guy down the street shouting about things nobody understands.

They've already decided to destroy the homes of the two synagogue attackers in Israel.  Same day service.  Can you imagine if we dispatched police to knock over people's homes the same day they've accused of committing a terror attack?  What if they get the address wrong?

I guess the heat is on Trudeau.  And furthers the shitstorm.  An NDP MP who is a lawyer may have suggested that the offences reached the level of "assault".  And that may have prompted Trudeau's response.  And this extra helping of leak is for sure pissing the NDP off further.

The Conservatives are burying changes to refugee social assistance in an Omnibus bill.

Well that's just fucking great.  The Cons are going to start studying privatization of certain police tasks.

A Conservative candidate in a by-election has had her expenses in her previous job as mayor questioned.  Well that's a smear!

This seems weird to me.  Go and fight for the Taliban and you're an "enemy combatant" who should be thrown into Guantanamo without trial.  Go fight for the Kurds and...  Don't get me wrong, I need to know a whole lot more about the Kurds to effectively comment on this.  It just seems like we have a double standard depending on which irregular army you join up with.  (seems like the government might be a bit confused about this as well)

A journalist testifies on the police response to the G20 protests.  He didn't like what he saw.

Hey.  There's a 1% for musicians now.  The top 1% of recording artists make 77% of the revenue.  For their labels.

Everbody agrees that NHL players are 1 percenters, right?  Making way too much money for too little work?  Well, looks like 1 percenters have it pretty sweet in good old Communist British Columbia.  New Canucks are paying far less in taxes than they used to in such Capitalist tax havens as New York.

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