Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, February 17, 2014

Blame the Chinese - Week 146 - Feb 10-17

Even the Conservatives don't think buying your way into Canada via an $800,000 loan is a good idea.  But what about Real Estate values!  Here's a story on how this program has already been suspended (as Garth Turner points out) for two years.  But of course, it's going to have a now immediate impact on real estate?  (hint...it might already be broken)

When everybody hates you, use your wife to win the next election.  I'll tell you what, Steve.  You let Laureen run in the next election in your place and you have my vote.  Isn't it bad form to hijack another parties convention, though?  Of course, a newspaper is up to no good if they publish secret documents that make a government/party look bad via their own actions.

I think this is beautiful.  Parliament is supposed to be a negotiation, not a heavy-handed attempt to jam through legislation.  The NDP has used one of the only tools in its arsenal - approval of committee travel - to fight back against the Conservatives elections bill.  Well done.  Of course, anything the Conservatives don't do is "anti-democratic".

This story outlines the gigantic, Con friendly loophole in election financing the Conservatives are trying to create.  In essence, anybody that donated even 20 dollars to a campaign is allowed to be contacted "free of charge" during an election campaign.  This is a large portion of what a campaign does (20-25%).  I guess this will free up dollars for more attack ads?

Remember when Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway blamed the conductor for not setting the brakes and causing the Lac Megantic disaster?  Turns out they had a prior 10 years worth of Transport Canada brake related violations.

Matt Taibbi does it again.  Just crawl off into the woods and die because there's no point in trying anymore.  Here he outlines how investment banks have bought up commodities firms and are using them to manipulate prices and drive up costs.  Just way too complicated to explain.  Go read.

Just to drive home the point of how bad Justin Trudeau is and how he wants to give all the kids pot...Hey!  Federal anti-pot advertising money!

Of course...the budget.  Jim Flaherty isn't actually going to introduce income splitting.  And there's not much for anyone, except for a massive jump in seniors benefits.  Most of the budget is just vague promises with little detail.  Such as random cuts to "military procurement".  The Conservatives love the military so much that the Snowbirds have to miss shows due to not enough training time.

Kevin Pages suggests the Conservatives efforts to "balance the budget" and cut spending have hampered Canada's economic growth, jobs, etc.

Canada's spy watchdog doesn't think CSEC has done anything wrong in collecting Canadians data and tracking them.

 Quebec really is different, isn't it?  The CEO of Canada's Bridge Corporation (a government entity) is accused of taking $1.5 Million in kickbacks from SNC Lavalin for a bridge repair contract.  But don't worry.  The swiss bank account that he opened and that all the money was deposited in was for his sister-in-law.

I wish I could blame Jason Kenney for this, but I can't.  I guess I can blame his parents for raising dick children?  Anyhow, people are suing Jason Kenney's brother over his nightmare treatment facility.  He sounds like a real asshole.

Here, our good buddy Jason points to the fence and promises good jobs for Canadians.

Rex Murphy is an oilsands cheerleader.

What?  Hunting Polar Bears is unregulated?

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