Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, January 20, 2014

Shameless Self Promotion - Week 142 - Jan 13-20

Alright people.  I don't ask for much from you.  But if you're reading this thing...man...I need some Facebook likes.  This is just downright embarrassing.  I'll make you a deal.  Like me on Facebook and I'll buy you a beer the next time I'm in your town.  Promise.  God I hate Facebook.  It makes me so needy.

And this people...this is Conservative insanity.  A Conservative MP is raising money to fight against the totally over-reaching, borderline fascist, big brother (Conservative) law to ban incandescent light bulbs.  And funneling the money directly into the Conservative Riding Association.  I wonder though...how many people voted Conservative, will vote Conservative and can't wait for the Conservatives to stick it to those arrogant fat cats that keep screwing us over with all these terrible laws?

Didn't we end up in this predicament largely because the Liberals were funneling advertising money to "Liberal" ad companies?  Yet nothing when ad money is funneled to a Conservative Senators family?

Hold on a minute.  I thought pipelines were safe and Enbridge was a great company?  Then how is it possible that one of their pipelines is leaking?  This is the point I will continue to make.  Even if you really, really, really like pipelines...why would you trust Enbridge to build it for you?

Another "loyalty pledge" from Harper.  In this one, any government watchdog or employee of would be subject to disclosure of any previous political activity.  This is just staggeringly obtuse.  This is some 1930's Germany type shit.

Holy shitballs!  Stephen Harper's entourage in Israel is going to be in the neighbourhood of 150-200 people!  All paid for by the government!  Why would so many people need to go?  Is he flying his limos over as well?  As well, in the lead up to the trip, they're really laying it on thick these days.  Anything less than total support for Israel makes you an anti-Semite in Harperland, it seems.  Don't worry though.  We just have an insane policy for the Middle East because of Stephen Harper's father.  The Conservatives have launched an extra special website to announce Stephen Harper's first official visit to Israel.  My question, if Israel is so special...why has it taken so long to get to the "First Official Visit"?

Some more detail on Chuck Strahl as CSIS Watchdog/Enbridge Lobbyist.

One of the (potentially) key players in the Robocall saga has been granted immunity.  Will we finally find out what happened?

People seem to be lumping in Justin Trudeau's expense issues with a larger "Expenses Scandal".  Because accidentally claiming $600 worth of travel, immediately paying it back and telling everybody about it is pretty much exactly what Mike Duffy did, right?

Shelly Glover, the Heritage Minister, has started shaking down artists for donations.  It's all good though...because...well...because she said so.

This seems to be a new Conservative meme.  "Just end this excruciating hell and make a decision!"  I call it the Del Mastro.  Here, John Baird demands that his personal Keystone XL hell be put out of its misery.  I like that John Kerry basically told him to fuck off.

Stephen Harper holds ethnic specific media briefings where he:
a) Answers questions.
b) Turns somewhat charming.
What a strange world we live in.

Ah, Capitalism...ain't it grand?  Spill a bunch of chemicals, poison a town, declare bankruptcy!

I kind of hesitate to link to this...basically...Canada hasn't contributed "much" to global warming.  What it doesn't account for:
- per capita contribution
- supplying the worst offenders with the means to offend (i.e. oil sands oil, lumber, etc.)
At least Canadians seem to understand that the Conservatives haven't done anything to help the situation.

Conservative plans to celebrate Canada 150 seem to be out of step with what people want.  Their celebration plans tend to focus on war and pre-1950's Canada, while people are more interested in celebrating our multiculturalism and inclusive society.

I think it's pretty funny every time a High School makes a student take off a shirt with a message that they don't appreciate.  Especially since "Got Land?  Thank an Indian." is relatively innocuous.

We've all heard this story to death.  But...Security theater at its best.  An 18 year old kid boards a plane in Edmonton for Mexico.  Forgets that he'd built a pipe bomb with his buddy and left it in his camera bag.  It gets found at the airport, where they try to give it back to him.  Then they let him go on vacation to Mexico, and respond in force with a SWAT team and bomb dogs when he arrives back in the country.  Amazing.  Oh.  He got a $100 fine.  Now imagine if a non-white-guy had done this?  Well, he would have been renditioned somewhere and we'd have never heard the story, I guess.

The Federal Government has agreed to turn over police reports to residential school victims.  It took some work.

Some details on how the secret TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) will allow corporations to sue governments if they pass environmental laws that are "bad for business".  This seems like a really, really terrible thing.

Jason Kenney has collapsed on his requirement to have Province's match job grant money.

Some more on Norweigan oil revenues and why Canada's oil extraction policies are so insanely stupid.  As well, this article points out how much less money is collected on oil revenues, even than in the United States.

I hadn't really been following this Marc Nadon Supreme Court nomination.  Seems to be a bit of a cluster.  I had no idea that this guy didn't really "qualify" in the traditional sense of the word and that the Conservatives changed the law to accommodate him.  This government really loves sticking it to Quebec.

This is kind of funny.  Not one, but two stories about improper Conservative business cards.  Tony Clement ordered gold leaf on his.  And John Baird only has English on his.

Dean Del Mastro's entire family seems to have gotten in on his electoral fraud act.  His cousin was raided last year by Elections Canada.

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