Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, December 23, 2013

Where does all that money come from? - Week 138 - Dec 16-23

Okay.  Hold on just a minute.  Here's a story about Conservatives being concerned that Liberal attacks are going to derail the Conservatives precious fundraising drive.  Buried in that story, the Conservatives brag about:
- Over 1000 donations
- Raising $1,511,394 from those donations
Isn't the maximum donation $1200?  How do you raise that much money from around 1000 donations?  It would take over 1259 donations at the maximum amount to raise that much money.  Wouldn't you say "over 1200 donations"?  How is everybody donating the maximum amount?  This seems really dodgy.

Who can make sense of the Supreme Court ruling that struck down three prostitution laws?  We've got people claiming it's great for women.  Terrible for women.  Great for Canada.  Terrible for Canada.  There does seem to be a consensus that it's great for pimps and johns.  We'll see what they come up in the next year.

No surprise, the joint review panel recommends moving forward with Northern Gateway.  With Christy Clark caving in, we should have this sucker built in the next couple of years.  David Suzuki is not a fan and points out that Enron...errrrr....Enbridge is a terrible company.  Of course, National Post is ecstatic.

Stephen Harper was a supporter of apartheid in the past.  Maybe a stretch, but he was certainly not the Nelson Mandela supporter he now claims to be.

I don't know if this means anything, but Irving Oil did a presentation to the "Oil Industry" about a month before Lac Megantic about concerns over a  lack of testing leading to "safety concerns" hauling by rail.

Poor old Alberta who does nothing but give, give, give...is set to receive a windfall in new health transfer payments.  38% more.

Some Keystone XL protesters have been charged with "terrorism hoax" because some glitter fell off their banner.

Too Big to Fail II - This is pretty scary.  There's a suggestion that our banks could go Cyprus in the next financial crisis.  It looks like Jim Flaherty is paving the way for Banks to take our money to cover their mistakes.  Well.  They already took our money to cover their mistakes.  But this time, it could really be OUR money, like from our bank accounts.

How come every critic of the Conservatives is an "extremist"?  John Baird suggests that any suggestion that Canadian foreign policy is driven by commercial interests is "extremist fear mongering".

All of these "oil and natural gas boom" related projects are sold to us based on jobs.  It kills the environment.  Jobs!  It's an ineffective use of our resources.  Jobs!  Well, jobs for whom?  People are getting laid off and replaced with temporary foreign workers.  This is fucked.  We need to do these projects because of jobs, but we need to execute the projects so quickly that we don't have enough people for the jobs?

A video highlighting what is wrong with many trade agreements.  We may be forced to accept food that complies with foreign laws, but not our own.

Stephen Harper's Indian Limo Extravaganza just got a lot more expensive.  $1.2 Million.

An odd little factoid.  The Canadian Government spent $3.8 Million on disposable water bottles over the last 3 years.

Once again, we seem totally incapable of purchasing military vehicles.  A $2-Billion purchasing plan is set to fly away in the wind.  Wonder how many millions we spent to get to this point?

The Senate audit will begin looking at personal expenses.

Vice lays out the most terrible police actions of 2013.  This will make you feel terrible.

Tom the Dancing Bug takes on the wealth gap.  Again, I guess would be more accurate.


  1. "Too Big to Fail II - This is pretty scary."

    Actually, I think you should be comforted by this. The liabilities they're talking about aren't your chequing and savings accounts. They probably aren't bank accounts at all, but large wholesale liabilities made by people - or institutions - that should be paying attention to what they're doing. Better they should lose money in a crisis than the taxpayer or the small depositor. And deposits of more than 100K euros, as in Cyprus, don't qualify as small in my book.

  2. I think the plan is too sketchy at this point to know exactly what accounts they are talking about. Even if it's not my savings or chequing account...the banks still can't lose. And they'll probably still get their bonuses at the end of the year.