Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, October 7, 2013

We sold our souls for rock and oil - Week 127 - Sept 30 - Oct 7

In a way, I get it.  We use Malaysian money to build an LNG plant and then we sell it to Malaysia.  But wouldn't we be better off building our own plant and then selling the LNG to whomever pays the most?  I thought everybody was begging us for the stuff?  Why do we have to let foreign companies own our resources?

So we used one of our spy agencies to spy on the Brazilian Mining Ministry and we got caught.

Oh these fucking assholes...Enbridge seems to think they'll have their pipeline up and running by 2018.  What a bunch of fucking cocks!  Arrogant cocks.  "Let's disregard all these people that fucking hate us and are accusing us of being a shit company that can barely run an office, let alone a pipeline, and just kind of show them that we don't give a fuck what they say because we've already bought and paid for the decision from the government."

Who knows best about prescribing heroin for a clinical studies?  The doctors who designed the study, hoping to find some specific results that will in turn help society in general?  Or a bunch of ignorant politicians?  Doesn't really matter.  Politicians get their way.  Fuck.  She actually lectures them about treating heroin with heroin.  Because everybody knows cold turkey is the only way, right?

There's not too many things/people in this world that blindly inspire me to think that the other side of the story is the correct one.  Fox News.  The NRA.  Chris Brown.  Anyhow.  The Canadian Gun Lobby thinks we should not sign a UN arms treaty.  So we probably should.  I also love that they think Harper signing this thing might cost him votes.  Yep.  I can just see that Albera farmer voting Mulcair because Harper caused his ammunition prices to go up a bit.  And the fuckin' shitheads caved in and didn't sign.

John Baird continues to tilt at windmills.  No shit we shouldn't blindly accept everything that Iran is selling.  Is anybody suggesting that?  Meanwhile, you're grandstanding at the UN while our fearless leader attempts to marginalize our place there?  What's the point?  Nobody is listening to us anyway.

Another Conservative MP steps out of bounds with letters to the CRTC on behalf of...I think on behalf of Sun News?  And the Province classifies it as "Entertainment".

Don't they know that it's the will of the lord? Christian Paradis announces that Canada won't fund programs to provide abortions to victims of war rape or forced childhood marriage.
So we've decided to take a human rights stand against Sri Lanka.  I'm guessing they don't sell us much stuff or want any of our oil, lumber or natural gas.

And Harper might be trying to blacklist a journalist that asked him a question.

Oh boy.  Our new Supreme Court appointee is a 64 Year Old White Man, who argued strongly against repatriating Omar Khadr.  And then lied about getting drafted by the Detroit Red Wings?  This is roughly the Canadian equivalent of claiming you walked on the moon.  What an idiot.
An 89-year-old lady is going to court after refusing to fill out the census.  Kind of an interesting story, actually.

Awesome!  Pirate Joe's won his legal fight!

Rob Ford continues to be Toronto's main carnival attraction.

Patrick Brazeau still exists, is taken to hospital.  May have done something stupid beforehand.  Maybe not.

Another Conservative Senator is in the shit.  This one accused of illegal fundraising in Quebec.  Kickbacks from Construction companies, really.
The London School of Economics has determined that piracy isn't hurting the entertainment industry.

Alex Pareene has an interesting take on his appearance on CNBC.  He seems to have generated a bunch of positive news though, contrary to his own opinion that he botched it.

Should Canadian public archives be stored behind a paywall?  Probably not.


  1. I read your blog regularly and I think you should get a Senate seat or something for your public service, but you're barking up the wrong tree on the Petronas LNG story. The Malaysians won't own "our" LNG - the province of BC will, at least until it sells it to them. Canadians invest a lot of money overseas and we're not really in a position to complain about foreigners investing here. What we should be concerned about is maximizing the return on our asset, taking into account the environmental cost of exploiting it.

    1. You may have a point and there's a good chance I phrased things poorly. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that by accepting outside investment in "our" natural resources, we're giving something up. Why else would outside companies look to invest. On the one hand, who else is going to put the money in to this to get it to the point where it starts generating benefits? But what if we just looked at this in a totally different fashion? What if we weren't just content to scrape 5-10% (or whatever) of the value of this natural gas through taxes and whatnot? I just don't get why we race to pull all of this stuff out of the ground as quickly as possible and then sell it off at a pittance in the name of "jobs".

    2. Not that that is what you were arguing. I'm just saying that's what I don't like about the whole thing.

    3. Well, I agree with you that we shouldn't be in a hurry to just pull the stuff out of the ground. It doesn't make much sense to me to have Chinese companies use Chinese workers to extract BC coal, for example. But the world needs energy and LNG is a lot better than the alternative, which is coal. If a Malaysian (or Chinese) company gives us, as the owners, the best return, then I'm all for it.

    4. Once again, I know this isn't what you're arguing. But...why is it okay for a foreign state-owned oil company to invest in Canada, but it's basically communism if anybody suggests we could develop these resources via some sort of state owned company?