Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, November 5, 2012

Back into it - Week 79 - Oct 29 - Nov 5

A Conservative Senator has come out to suggest that the Government doesn't need to act to protect Canadian's online security.  Let's see...
1 - Increased regulation to limit the use of technology by consumers in the name of "copyright protection" - No problem.
2 - Increased government monitoring of technology in the name of "crime prevention" - Sounds good.
3 - Increased regulation to prevent fraud and hacking on citizens - Not the governments concern.

Remember when Stephen Harper decided that the Long Form Census was a silly, bad thing?  Well, Statistics Canada is starting to see some problems with data.

Oh man.  They're really grasping at straws.  Real Estate sales in the Fraser Valley jump 23% in October!  Oh.  Wait.  They're down 8% compared to last October?  But they jumped?  23%?  Right?

I'm always looking for new and novel ways to explain what is wrong with Real Estate in Vancouver.  This link is a bit old (from the summer) but there is a gem buried inside it.  In April of 2012, there were 7,000 homes in the entire United States sold for over 1 Million Dollars.  Around the same time period, there were 5,000 homes in Greater Vancouver on the market for more than 1 Million Dollars.  Yes, yes, sold vs. listed, etc.  It's just very interesting.  And there's some fantastic graphs buried in this story.

The changes tot he Navigable Waters Act are confusing.  At face value...it almost makes sense.  Cut everything that doesn't have to do with navigation out of it.  Of course, the act has always done more than that.  And it's interesting that the majority of waterways that remain protected are in Conservative ridings.  Regardless, this shouldn't be in an Omnibus bill.

The report in to the collapse of Sockeye Salmon runs has been released.  Great, a whole bunch of new recommendations that can be ignored.

The man who would probably have the largest part to play in all of this is Peter Kent, our Minister of the Environment.  Problem is, he seems to have a habit of skipping out on media questions by providing incorrect and misleading estimates of his schedule.  He shows up early, does his thing and then leaves before the media shows up.

The guy that the Conservatives are blaming for the entire robo-call scandal - you know, the junior guy that had no authority or access to information? - has spoken out and suggested that he's been a convenient scapegoat.

Supposedly Jim Flaherty has cut 8 Billion in spendingAnd some Conservatives fear that this might cost votes.

Wait.  MP pension reforms haven't amounted to much of anything?

Somehow, I was thinking about prorogation.  The whole "Jean Chretien did it to avoid the sponsorship scandal" thing came up.  And it's funny because I don't really remember that happening.  This guy dug into it a bit and it all seems to be a myth to support Steve-O doing whatever he wants.  So, the fact is, Stephen Harper appears to be the only Prime Minister in recent memory to prorogue Parliament to avoid accountability.  Prorogue is a legitimate tool of Parliament.  Just not that way.

The Long Gun Registry has been destroyed.  Except in Quebec.

Parliament Hill renovations have slowly but surely ballooned to ridiculous levels.  I love that a part of the renovations is to get rid of asbestos.

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