Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, October 8, 2012

Giving Thanks - Week 75 - Oct 1-8

This seemed like an incredibly slow week in Canadian politics.  Perhaps everybody was just excited about the US Presidential Debate?  Speaking of which, what a horror show.  Every time Obama spoke I was thinking "Okay...here it comes...coherent words..." but they never came.  Romney seemed absolutely certain of what he was speaking, even if it had no bearing on reality.  The worst moment for me was right after Romney launched into a passionate attack on Obamacare and I thought "Man...here it is.  A perfect chance to sell this program.  Talk about the millions of people that can't qualify for insurance and the bankruptcies and the fact that the US Government already spends more per capita on health care then other nations with fully nationalized health care and that it's insurance companies that are driving up the costs and all that."  But no.  A ramblingly incoherent spiel about...who even remembers?  Gosh that was terrible.  Anyhow, I think Obama needs to just Sara Palin the shit out of the next debate.  Memorize a series of 2 minute speeches on his key talking points and just ignore all the questions and talk about what he wants.

Somehow I don't think that this was big news.  The Canadian Government accidentally ran some ads on the Pirate Bay.  Which is sort of awesome.

Seems like the Conservatives have learned something from the Copyright Lobby.  If your immediate proposal isn't approved, tweak it a bit and keep trying.  Heck, even if you get exactly what you want, tweak it a bit and keep trying, but we haven't gotten there yet.  Anyhow, there's a new backbench motion to outlaw "sex selection abortion".  Don't worry.  They have reams of data to back up the need for this.  What?  They don't have any data?  They've only mentioned one study?

I know I promised to try to elevate the tone of political discourse by refraining from name-calling and such.  But "Sleepy Time" Rob Anders is throwing me off my game here by suggesting that Thomas Mulcair contributed to Jack Layton's death.  Who votes for these people?

Keeping going, it's like a rogue's gallery of Conservative incompetence.  Vic Toews makes comments about Omar Khadr that a government minister probably shouldn't.  Maybe he thinks he's a talk show host and not a government minister?  The comment of the story:  pointing out that a decade in prison had "radicalized" him.  Soooooo....because we kept this kid in prison for so long without charge or trial, we can't possibly let him out because he hates us too much for what we did to him.

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