Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, November 21, 2011

Inadvertant Assistance - Week 29 - Nov 14-21

This didn't get much play, but I think that this is a perfect little representation of this Government.  The Conservatives are upset because Quebec is benefitting from a bill that BC, Alberta and Ontario are supposed to benefit from.  Are they going to yell at Stephen Harper for bringing Quebec along on the trip to Dairy Queen as well?  Don't worry though, Cons.  There's a provision to take the ice cream away if their population doesn't keep up.

A memo has circulated within government suggesting that scrapping the gun registry could lead to an increase in illegal weapons crossing the border.  Of course, the Conservatives disagree.  Stupid "experts" getting in the way of positive change.  Who cares about assault rifles coming over the border anyhow.  I mean...if we try to put a lid on that I'm going to have to fill out a form and pay a one-time fee of $60.  What?  The fee is waived if I'm a hunter?  And I don't have to pay it when I renew?

Noted progressive activists (South Africa) are taking Canada to task for not supporting extending the Kyoto protocol.  Damn pinko bastards, making it hard for an honest country to make a living.

Hey.  Why not?  It worked in Guantanamo.  Part of the Omnibus crime legislation would eliminate visitation rights to inmates in segregation.  That, right there is going to cut back on serious amounts of crime.  Just last week, I was getting ready to steal some mangoes.  I stopped and I thought about it for a minute.  But then I was all like "I'll still get visitors if I end up in segregation."  So I pocketed those mangoes, shot the storekeeper and made a nice mango pudding for dessert.

An NDP MP says what we're all thinking.  Why is the story about an NDP MLA swearing?  Why isn't it about the Conservatives cutting off discussion on the budget?  I actually just took the trouble to log in to Twitter and follow him.  That brings my total for number of people that I follow to 7.  And my lone tweet is for an ICBC drivesmart contest to win a Fiat 500.  I'm so modern.  Further analysis from the Globe and Mail seems to get it right.

The Conservatives are planning to use a Wheat Board contingency fund, essentially money that belongs to the members of the wheat board, to pay for the dismantling of the Wheat Board.  Sorry.  Pay for the "shift to a free market".  That's sort of like the Indian charter company holding its passengers hostage in a foreign country for fuel money.  Actually.  No.  It's worse than that.

Even some of Steve-O's little buddies are starting to think that this support for asbestos mining doesn't make much sense.  Although, if abstaining from a vote counts as backbone these days, it's kind of sad.

Not about Canada...but a terrific Salon piece about Americaland and how the root of many of its problems can be traced back to a "blame the victim" mentality.  It is truly stunning. 

As well, the story links to a great page highlighting the actual numbers paid in taxes by the various classes in the US.  I'm actually most shocked that a $100,000 per year income puts you in the top 20% of American earners.  $140,000 in the top 10%.  The top 20% earn 60% of all American income.  This compares to 51% (by my calculations) for Canada.

Fighter Jets!  Now even the US is not 100% sure of their decision to purchase F-35's.  The key line in this article?  "Ottawa estimates its jets will cost between $70-million and $80-million each, even while acknowledging the current unit cost is well over $100-million (U.S.)."  Are they expecting a dramatic rise in the Canadian dollar?  I know everybody will find this to be an incredible surprise...but the Conservatives dismiss this criticism and assure us that everything is fine.

Next up for free trade?  Jordan and Panama!

This is a funny story.  Some Conservatives were late to a committee, a vote was held, the Conservatives lost.  Later on they re-voted and won.  And one of the late Conservatives may or may not be dating Dimitri Soudas.  I'm not sure why that matters.  But this story is funny.

And...never as simple as it sounds, but spending is up 22% since the Conservatives came to power.

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