Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, October 3, 2011

Flexing the Muscles - Week 22 - Sept 26 - Oct 3

What an awesome way to set the tone for your new government.  Limit debate on your cornerstone piece of legislation to two days.  Way to suggest that you're eager to work with the other parties in Parliament.  Other ways Stephen Harper could suggest that he's eager to create a great working Government:
- Limit opposition party members to two appetizers at the next inter-Parliament mixer
- Limit visiters interaction with his kitten to two quick pats on the head
- Allow two questions from the media at each campaign stop during the next election campaign

Tough on Crime?  Tougher on the budget.  Just one of the Omnibus crime bills is going to end up costing a few billion dollars over the next five years.  The original estimate was a whole lot less.  And a BC Supreme Court Judge has suggested that the new legislation will become a "strain on the bench."

Things get worse for Peter MacKay.  He was the guest of a man recently named head of a crown corporation.  Which is pretty cozy.  And even worser...3 million worth of flights in the last 4 years?  Yikes.  Our buddy Steve comes to his defense...but his numbers don't really add up.

The Conservatives have lost their battle to close the Insite Safe Injection Site.  Which is pretty awesome.

Here's an interesting editorial pointing out some of the fallacies of "ethical oil".  I knew that tar sands require a crazy amount of energy to extract the oil (approximately 1/5 of the energy extracted is required for production), but this is the first I've heard that it requires crazy amounts of oil to extract the oil.

Another Conservative law to fix something that isn't a problem.  Some car-dealership-owning-Conservative-MP is proposing a private members bill that would prevent people from preventing other people from displaying the Canadian flag.  By giving them jail time.  Says the article "It is not clear how he came up with the bill and what his motivation for it is."  I guess he has personal experience with the scourge of flag-flying-prevention sweeping the nation.  Shouldn't there be some mechanism within the Conservative party to prevent rookie MP's from embarrassing themselves like this?

Speaking of backbench MP's speaking out when they shouldn't...one of them is rankled about some funding going to an organization that provides abortions.  And another one.

Well.  Here it is.  Copyright legislation has been tabled.  Exactly as it was before.  This will make it illegal for you to jailbreak your iPhone.  This is legislation that was dictated to the Canadian government by an American industry lobby.  This legislation is a result of the Canadian Government asking the US Government to produce more public pressure so that they could justify it to Canadians.  I don't think it's a great idea.

Here's a lesson in media bias.  From the Globe - "RCMP won't pull out of BC if Province signs on to new deal"  From the Vancouver Sun - "Feds threaten to withdraw BC RCMP services if as contract talks break down"   Sounds like good faith bargaining to me.

And NDP MP points out that we're about to sell nuclear assets for $15 Million...after pumping $183 Million into them.  Six months ago.

Stephen Harper has decided that a war that our country didn't even fight is worth a lot of celebration.  I don't really get it.  Yes, it shaped our nation.  So did glaciers and smallpox.

Lastly, Steve probably shouldn't go meddling in Provincial politics as a new poll suggests that his talk of a "Tory Trifecta" scared the hell out of people.

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