Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jets & Guns - Week 14 - Aug 2-8

So Canada finally got it's shit together and decided the Conservatives aren't so great. Unfortunately, it comes in a poll some 3+ years removed from the next election. Interesting that the Liberals fare better when they have no real leader.

This story goes all over the place: Tory Arts Funding, the Ford Brothers, Stephen Harper, Margaret Atwood, Library Funding. I think the key piece for me is that Stephen Harper is buddies with the Ford brothers. Hopefully people remember that when Toronto blows up in their (the Ford Brothers) faces. I really need to start reading more Margaret Atwood. Oh, the Harper Government response to Margaret Atwood? It's all your fault and we're outraged!

The cops gave David Eby a ticket for riding his bicycle without a bell. I hope he becomes Mayor.

Back to the HST, it scares me a bit that Pollsters are essentially saying that the whole process is too crazy for them to even attempt a poll.

I apologize. More copyright. I just can't help myself. A great interview in the Georgia Straight with Cory Doctorow from Boingboing. He breaks down many of the shortcomings of the inevitable Copyright reforms that are coming. The ones that have been in past bills. The ones that will be in future bills. The basic premise - Canada's copyright reforms are composed to help the massive content companies - record labels, tv stations, movie studios, etc. They will do almost nothing to help artists or consumers and will most likely harm both of those groups. I don't know about you, but I don't think government policy should be created to help the giant, evil middle-men that screwed consumers and artists for so long.

I really enjoyed this headling on Gizmodo: The Pentagon Spends More Money Fixing Rusty Old Shit than Canada Spends on Its entire Military. I'm actually suprised we spend that much.

A good Huffington Post link (written by?) about the perils of the new Canadian fighter jet contract. It also points out that there are numerous technical problems that have grounded existing F-35's. I've read a bit about this over the past few months, but I thought most of the problems were with with the new F-22's (30 hours of maintenance for every hour of flying? Yikes.). Incidentally, I found this link while trying to figure out the difference between an F-22 (air superiority) and an F-35 (multi-role combat) and it scares me a bit. Doesn't it feel like information you shouldn't know?

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