Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, June 20, 2011

Party Like It's 1994 - Week 7 - June 13-20

There was some politics this week, but mostly, there was a riot (and, Christy Clark politicking the riot, after accepting free tickets to the pre-riot). I would love to blame the riot (somehow) on the Conservatives, but that is probably a bit of a stretch. Regardless, it's probably an important moment in history to remember.

First up, we have an eyewitness account from the riot from the Tyee. While most of the coverage has focussed on the "hooligans" that caused things and how well the police did to contain everything, this talks about how disjointed and odd the police response was to those in the crowd. I'm especially interested on his description on how difficult it was to try to leave the downtown core. Very odd indeed. To kind of add to this theme, I had the opportunity to drive through downtown last night, 24 hours after the riot. I can appreciate that an incredible amount of effort went in to cleaning things up, but I was surprised by just how localized some of the damage was. Hudson Bay - trashed. Bank across the street - untouched. There's a similarly interesting Huffington Post eyewitnees account and Gary Mason - shockingly - has a similar, non-ridiculous point of view. And the Straight.

Next up, we have the story of the kissing rioters. I think it's just an amazingly iconic image. The story itself isn't all that interesting. Now with video.

Speaking of iconic images, there are some really breathtaking galleries of riot images from the legions of professional photographers dispatched to cover it.

Thankfully, there were some positives that came out of the riot. Great responses to clean up. Wide scale narcing. People turning themselves in. I think Vancouver will recover quite nicely. However, we will be subject to thousands of articles.

Unfortunately, after talking about the positives, some people's reaction has been just as bad as the rioter. Anybody with the huevos to step forward, take their licks and accept some punishment are being crucified. The online vigilante justice mob is getting a bit out of hand at times. Hopefully things can get toned down a bit and some positive progress can be made.

Since we've been so focused on riots and hockey for the past couple of weeks, I wouldn't be surprised if we find out that Stephen Harper has been busy as the cameras have been trained elsewhere. Maybe he signed over Quebec to the USA? Or banned gay people from existing? Seems like the right time for him to try such a bold move.

Senate reform seems to be the word of the moment. I read this great Globe and Mail article suggesting that Senate reform is stupid. I'm sold. It is stupid, based on the logistics alone. Heck, even the Senators are bickering about it. Whatever happens, Mr. Harper seems to be pretty serious about moving forward.

Next, as the Public Works department takes on the job of executing the Stephen Harper shopping spree, 700 jobs are cut (including auditors who should be overseeing the spending). This doesn't really sound like a good decision.

And the Conservatives take strides to end some strikes! Can't have people battling for rights when the mail/flights are at stake. That might stop "progress".

Speaking of riots...it was announced today that the majority of the people arrested during the G20 riots were released without charge. i.e. didn't do anything wrong.

And finally...the Conservatives start laying the groundwork for blaming the upcoming problems with the economy on someone else. "Our plan for the economy was awesome. It's Europe's fault." (not an actual quote. Mere speculation.) Isn't it kind of your job to plan for things like that?

What a depressing week.

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